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The number of Japanese restaurants and goods sold in Singapore are a testimony to Singaporeans' love of Japanese culture. With Japan only being a mere six-hour flight away, many Singaporeans love traveling to Japan whenever they get the chance. Singaporeans are often looking to get more out of their travel experiences instead of merely going around with a checklist of tourist attractions to tick off. 

As a result, Singaporean travel bloggers are gaining more popularity as they engage with fellow travelers by sharing unique and interesting stories about their globe-trotting experiences, while dishing out suggestions for those venturing out of their traveling comfort zones. Also known to be extremely kiasu (the Hokkien word for the fear of losing out or not getting the best of things) as a nation, Singaporeans are always on the lookout for the best bargains and deals. From Japanese foods to sightseeing attractions and popular Japanese snacks to purchase as souvenirs, these Singaporean travel blogs will not only provide helpful travel tips and recommendations, but give you insight into the best way to stretch your buck to get the most out of your travel experiences!

10 Singaporean Travel Bloggers

1. The Occasional Traveller

If you’ve ever wondered whether it is possible to juggle a full-time job and indulge in your love for traveling, look no further than The Occasional Traveller, a travel blog started by Jaclynn Seah, who has mastered the art of balancing a full-time career and her wanderlust. Jaclynn is also a huge advocate for solo travels, and her blog provides many tips and recommendations for solo female travelers as well. Her annual round-ups are also interesting reads that many of her readers eagerly await every year, to see how she manages to squeeze in as many trips as she can, within 365 days. Jaclynn has also been on several trips to Japan, and if you’re visiting Japan any time soon, check out her posts on Japanese foods, attractions and how best to travel and sightsee if you’re short on time!

Website: https://theoccasionaltraveller.com

Screenshot of The Occasional Traveller homepage with a backdrop of the beach

2. Miss Tam Chiak

Miss Tam Chiak was previously known as one of Singapore’s most famous food blogs. However, in recent years, her travels have taken her to many countries far and near. With that, she has since started blogging about her foodie trips overseas as well. A quick browse through the “Travel” column on the right will help you navigate the many countries she has visited, and travelers looking for food recommendations will not be disappointed. From fine-dining restaurants to quick snacks picked up from roadside stalls, Miss Tam Chiak has them all. Miss Tam Chiak also has many foodie itineraries for travelers looking for food recommendations in Japan. Her blog also tells you where you can go to enjoy the best Japanese produce of the season as well!

Website: https://misstamchiak.com

Travel homepage for Singaporean travel blog, Miss Tam Chiak

3. Irene’s Travel Blog

Irene has always loved flying, and after fulfilling her dream of being an air stewardess, she decided to pursue her dream of being a full-time traveler. Since then, she has explored 5 continents, 38 countries, and over 150 cities. One of the most popular of Irene’s Travel Blog’s posts is her feature on The Ultimate Guide to Japan’s Sakura Season, which includes helpful tips on how to get to Japan, and suggestions on the best hanami spots in many commonly visited Japanese cities. As an avid photographer, Irene also documents her travel experiences with her photos and they truly speak a thousand words to narrate her experiences. Irene’s travel blog has also been awarded several accolades for years.

Website: https://irene-travelogue.com

Irene's Travel Blog homepage with a photo of Singaporean travel blogger Irene smiling as she holds a dog, surrounded by children

4. Wanderlex

Having caught the travel bug in 2008, Alex, the man behind Wanderlex, started traveling more often since then. He started out with the goal of visiting 50 countries by the age of 50, but with lots of nifty planning, has since surpassed that number with plenty of years left to spare! Alex hopes that his blog will inspire others to travel as well, and to put their vacation days to good use before they expire! Wanderlex features trips to places across the world, and showcases stunning photos of the landscapes Alex has visited. Wanderlex also documents Alex’s experiences at hotels and accommodations in the countries he visited, which is a great help for travelers looking for places to stay! If you’re looking for food and accommodation recommendations in Japan, Wanderlex also has a section dedicated to Japan as well.

Website: https://www.wanderlex.com

Wanderlex homepage - a blog by a Singaporean travel blogger

5. I Wander

If you’re looking for itineraries to help with the hassle of trip planning, look no further than I Wander. Bino, a part-time traveler, started his blog to share with others his travel experiences and to hopefully inspire them to explore the less beaten path that he often takes. His itineraries group together places and attractions to ensure that you don’t run the risk of inefficiently running to and fro across cities when traveling, too. For travelers looking to visit a city less traveled, check out I Wander’s post, DIY Fukushima Nuclear & Tsunami Travel Guide, which is particularly useful as Fukushima is one of the least visited Japanese cities after the earthquake in 2011. I Wander has also been featured in several well-known publications such as The Straits Times, Lonely Planet Magazine Asia, BBC, Huffington Post, Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Weekender, Matador Network, SilverKris Magazine, and Cebu Pacific’s Smile Magazine.

Website: https://iwandered.net

I Wander homepage, a blog run by a Singapore-based bloggers

6. Traveler Folio

Traveler Folio started out as a blog by Eunice in 2008, in a bid to connect with other fellow travelers and to inspire others to travel as well. Since then, it has grown into a platform where like-minded professionals and travel enthusiasts come to share travel tips, contribute lists of attractions to visit, and showcase some Instagram-worthy moments they managed to capture on their visits. Traveler Folio also has helpful guides on how to travel across cities in Japan, how to take the Shinkansen, and even tips on how to make the best of the little space that Japanese business hotels typically offer. Traveler Folio has also won many awards and recognition, and has also been featured in many popular media outlets and publications, as well.

Website: https://travelerfolio.com

Traveler Folio Homepage featuring articles about immigration and things to do at Jewel Changi Airport

7. Our Little Smarties

Our Little Smarties started out as a humble chronicle of founder Emily’s life and travels with her husband and young son. As she started traveling more frequently, she began documenting more of her travel experiences as well. Her blog is filled with family-friendly ideas that will see the whole family having the time of their lives on their holidays. From accommodation to attractions and even places to eat, Our Little Smarties is always on the lookout for attractions and activities that offer something for both the parents and kids. Our Little Smarties even provides suggestions on when you should plan your family holiday, to ensure that your little ones get the most out of their school holidays and have enough time to recharge before heading back to school. Our Little Smarties also has a section dedicated to Japan, and has listed Japan as one of their favorite countries to visit with kids because of how clean and efficient Japan is, making it a breeze to travel around with children!

Website: https://ourlittlesmarties.com

Singaporean blog, Our Little Smarties homepage with latest posts

8. Livelaughtravel.net

When Alvin started jotting down his travel experiences, he never thought that it would one day morph into a platform where fellow travelers could come for inspiration, tips, or to share their own journeys. Knowing that things will not always go according to plan, Alvin and his team of been-there-done-that Singaporean travel bloggers were inspired to dish out their own tips and suggestions for others, so that readers can avoid the same mistakes they have made. Livelaughtravel.net features travel ideas, accommodation suggestions and even travel deals for other travelers as well. Join Alvin and his community of writers as they set out to scour the web and countries for the cheapest travel deals around. If you’re looking for cheap things to purchase in Japan and places to stay, check out Alvin’s blog for tips and news on Japan.

Website: https://livelaughtravel.net

Homepage for Singaporean travel blog, Live Laugh Travel

9. A Girl & A Bald Traveller

Join this fun-loving Singaporean couple as they make the most out of their vacation days to explore as many countries as they can. By day, they are bound to their office desks, working their butts off, but as soon as an opportunity to travel arises, they are jet setting out of Singapore in a heartbeat! The Girl and the Bald Guy also know that spending time away from the desk means that one’s finances are limited, and as such have plenty of handy tips for the budget-conscious traveler. They even have itineraries for Japan-bound travelers on a budget, like one that outlines how to visit several cities in Japan for less than SGD 1,200! From searching for great deals on the web to planning your own itineraries across excel sheets, A Girl and a Bald Traveller is your one-stop travel guide!

Website: https://www.agirlandabaldtraveller.com

A Girl and The Bald Traveller, a travel blog by a Singaporean couple

10. Have Halal Will Travel

If you’re fretting about halal food when traveling, especially to countries such as Korea, Japan, or China, worry no more, as Have Halal Will Travel is here to the rescue! Known affectionately as HHWT, the blog is now a well-known platform for Muslim travelers looking for itineraries, travel ideas, and food recommendations. HHWT is also extremely popular for their short trips itineraries, and you’ll be able to find days to week-long Muslim-friendly itineraries to suit everyone’s schedule and needs. Many famous food bloggers are also regular contributors to the platform, ensuring that you will hear about the latest food trends across the globe! And if you're traveling in Japan while abiding by Muslim dietary restrictions, put your mind to ease by checking out our halal food experiences.

Website: https://www.havehalalwilltravel.com

Have Halal Will Travel Japan Homepage

With so many places to visit and explore, and a limited budget, spending hours on travel research is something that many of us often dread. Check out these Singaporean travel bloggers for handy tricks and tips for your next trip. Or, if you don't have any upcoming travel plans, you might just get inspiration for your next getaway!

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