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Sometimes, a simple grilled dish can surprise you because it’s not just delectable but also pleasing to the eyes. There’s art in slapping off these ingredients on a hot iron plate and watch it sizzle right before your eyes and you’d probably think, there’s also entertainment when it comes to cooking. The simple but beautiful cooking style of teppanyaki proves it to its repeated guests and customers. But what is teppanyaki and where to eat in Tokyo?

Teppanyaki is a cooking method where you grill and fry off ingredients on a hot, flat skillet. It’s often times dubbed as hibachi because of the similar method of cooking but hibachi uses a small, round portable charcoal grill. It’s almost akin to dinner theater because this is where the chefs put up a remarkable performance right before their delighted guests. You can watch them use their great knife skills and culinary styles and most people who went to a teppanyaki restaurant say that it’s something you shouldn’t miss when visiting the land of the rising sun. Based on Japanese history, teppanyaki was first used during the 1940s as Japan’s way of taking the American style of grilling steaks in steakhouses. You can grill various ingredients with such flair and style, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, and even fruits. Aside from producing deliciously great results, teppanyaki is a dining experience for the guests.

There are actually several styles of using teppanyaki as your cooking method but two of the most popular ones are the ones often used in restaurants. The first one is cooking steaks based on the influence of America in the country. It first originated in Misono, a steakhouse in Kobe City, and since then has been used in different parts of the country. The second most popular one and probably the most familiar of them all is the one where you cook for yourself or for groups of people you’re with. In the middle of the table set a hot iron plate where you can just toss your ingredients and start frying. It’s also a great way to entertain yourself and your companions and you can control how much you’re cooking, the toppings you want, and the taste you want.

A teppanyaki restaurant in Tokyo is a great place to eat good food and dine with good friends. it’s also a way of connecting people because you don’t just get the goods out of the scrumptious meals you take but you also get to share an experience with the chefs and the people around you.

Best Teppanyaki Restaurants in Tokyo

Armed with their knives, spatulas, and appetite for providing great food and entertainment to their delighted guests, high-skilled chefs stand before your eyes to give you an experience you will never forget. There’s always a teppanyaki restaurant around the corner and you can find them almost everywhere in the city. A list down below is some of the best teppanyaki restaurants in Tokyo.


Starting off with Misono. For more than 70 years and over 5 branches throughout the country, Misono has been serving top-quality Kobe beef to its loyal customers, as well as other grades of meat such as A4 and A5 Japanese black cattle meats. It’s the first thing that pops into people’s mind whenever they think of teppanyaki and the idea of eating a fine serving of steak. Time and time again, Misono proved to everyone that’s the prime restaurant for steaks and throughout the years, it’s been developing other methods to improve cooking techniques and to enhance the flavor and quality of their menu. If it’s steak, Misono is the place to be.

Teppanyaki from Misono


If you’re looking for something green and maybe leafy, Yasaiya is a good place to go. Literally means “a restaurant that specializes in vegetables,” Yasaiya offers a fresh set of menu that consists of quality vegetables, beef and pork cuts and chicken. They don’t scrimp on flavors and make sure that you’re getting only the best ingredients and dishes out there. One of the great things about Yasaiya is that it also offers a vegetables-only menu that vegetarians can fully enjoy. Being healthy doesn’t mean eating something bland because, in Yasaiya, everything is big in flavor and flair.



Good food and good mood go pretty well in Yamanami. This wonderful restaurant offers Kobe and Hida beef to its guests and carefully selected seafood items such as juicy lobsters and fatty abalone. If those don’t increase your excitement, watch out for their teppanyaki scenic views which you can choose from. You can opt on the east-facing scenic view where you can witness the beauty and magic of Japan right before your eyes or maybe the west-facing scenic view where you can look at the tall skyscrapers of the city. Enjoy your teppanyaki while admiring the view in this beautiful restaurant.

inside of Yamanami

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