Tokyo Ninja Food Experience

from ¥ 8,000 per guest - 2 hours

Tokyo Omakase Sushi Experience with Personal Chef

from ¥ 25,000 per guest - 2 hours

Private Lunch in Tokyo with Japan’s First Western Geisha

from ¥ 21,795 per guest - 2 hours

All-You-Can-Drink Evening Dinner Cruise in Tokyo

from ¥ 11,000 per guest - 2.5 hours

Sake Pairing and Omakase Sushi in Tokyo with Personal Chef

from ¥ 30,000 per guest - 2 hours

Banquet and Traditional Geisha Performance in Tokyo

from ¥ 16,347 per guest - 2 hours

Robot Restaurant Show and All-You-Can-Eat Sushi

from ¥ 14,300 per guest - 5 hours

Eat Chanko Nabe and Fight Like a Sumo Wrestler

from ¥ 11,800 per guest - 2 hours

Tokyo Geisha Experience with Sake Tasting and Games

from ¥ 20,000 per guest - 2 hours

Dining Experiences in Japan

The Japanese cuisine is immensely diverse, encompassing a huge range of cuisines based on the region, occasion, and season. There’s kaiseki ryori or kaiseki cuisine, the traditional Japanese multi-course meal; and shojin ryori, the humble Buddhist vegetarian fare. Dining experiences in Japan also vary by region, with each prefecture being home to its own specialty dishes and ingredients. In rural Japan, you may find fresh local produce prepared simply, while you may also find a variety of themed dining experiences in Japan, in urban areas like Tokyo and Osaka. From intimate meals cooked by your own personal chef to dinner-and-a-show and farm-to-table meals, byFood has a wide range of dining experiences in Japan. Food is a gateway into culture, and a wonderful way to connect with people and learn. And who better to learn from than chefs and locals? From gluten-free dining experiences to vegan dining experiences, byFood has it all. So even if you’re plant-based, halal, kosher, or have a gluten allergy in Japan, you can still find delicious culinary experiences that suit your diet. Groups, couples, and solo travelers, can all experience Japanese culture through food.