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Akagiyama Bike Tour: Exploring Nature & Local Foods of Gunma

Organized by Maebashi
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Experience Details
Experience Location
3 hours
Number of Guests
2 - 10 guests
Japanese, English
Regional food, With lunch
Bike around the caldera lake of Mt. Akagi, making stops to soak in the scenery and taste the unique local specialties of Gunma!


Bike around the summit area of the volcanic Mount Akagi on a cool e-bike and enjoy the view of the caldera lake
Visit Akagi Shrine, a scenic shrine by the lake that is said to grant all kinds of women's wishes
Taste the healthy Japanese snack “miso oden” (grilled handmade konnyaku with miso sauce) and fresh fried wakasagi (Japanese smelt) from the lake
Enjoy a spectacular view from Torii Pass
Taste miso ramen that will warm your body from the inside out
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals

Experience Details

The 1,828-meter-tall Mt. Akagi and the Lake Konuma caldera offer scenic bike trails, hiking courses, and camping grounds. Restaurants and cafes are dotted around the caldera, particularly clustered around the lake’s south side, and serve dishes that highlight the area’s rich food culture, like wakasagi (Japanese smelt fish) and konnyaku. During this food tour in Gunma, you’ll hop on an e-bike (electrical assist bicycle) and take in the spectacular view of the caldera lake, rich mountain scenery of Akagiyama, and the local food made from Gunma's specialty ingredients. FEATURED FOODS Miso Oden: A healthy Japanese snack made by grilling handmade konnyaku, a jelly-like, low-calorie food made from konjac flour and delicious water from Mt. Akagi. It is also called "Miso Dengaku." Fried Wakasagi (Japanese Smelt Fish): Wakasagi, which thrives in Lake Konuma, is well-known for its delicious taste. Shiru Choko: A fusion of Japanese and Western sweets, shiru choko is a delicious hot drink similar to hot cocoa with anko (sweet red bean paste) and shiratama dango (Japanese rice flour dumplings). Nabewariyama Ramen: Miso ramen made with red lard. The broth and handmade chashu are popular with customers and the noodles have a satisfying texture. SCHEDULE - Meet with your English speaking guide at the Akagi Visitor Center - Hop on an e-bike and bike along the shores of Lake Konuma - Stop at a lakeside restaurant and enjoy miso oden and fried wakasagi - Visit Akagi Shrine - Stop at a Japanese style hotel, Aoki Ryokan and enjoy shiru choco - See the spectacular view and try miso ramen at Torii Pass - Bike to Lake Konuma (depending on time) - Return to the Akagi Visitor Center


Food (miso oden, fried wakasagi, shiru choko, nabewariyama ramen)
E-bike and helmet rental


Additional orders of food and drink

Meeting Point and Meeting Time

Bus from JR Maebashi Station North Exit Bus Stop No. 6 (Weekdays) Bound for Fujimi-onsen - Transfer at Fujimi-onsen to Mount Akagi Visitor Center (Weekends and holidays) Direct to Mount Akagi Visitor Center Approx. 60-75 mins


Sandals are not appropriate for cycling, and warm clothing and gloves are required depending on the season
Reference temperatures in the summit area of Mt. Akagi: 10-15°C in May and June, 17°C in September, 10°C in October, 6°C in November
Due to the size of the e-bikes, participants must be at least 150cm tall
Available from May to mid-November (from December to April, there is a possibility of snow and freezing, so the e-bike tour is closed)

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Experience Location

Gunma is a mountainous playground in the Kanto region, with probably the best adventure sports and hot spring bathing in all of Japan.
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