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Mt. Gassan Vegetable Foraging Experience with Cooking Lesson

Hosted by Derek
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Experience Details
Experience Location
4 hours
Number of Guests
3 - 25 guests
Japanese, English
Regional food
Learn to prepare the fresh and local edible plants you’ve foraged for yourself on Mt. Gassan with an expert mountain guide.
Harvest edible wild plants with the guidance of experienced mountains guides.
Learn from locals how to cook healthy and delicious dishes with gathered plants and mushrooms
Eat a lunch starring your harvested veggies
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Whether you want to brush up on your survival skills, discover edible plants, or learn to make a truly local meal in Japan, this Mountain Vegetable Foraging Experience is for you. This food tour on Mt. Gassan is the definition of a deep, local experience. Does strolling through lush plains studded with edible plants sound like a fun activity to you? Explore the luscious, fertile grounds with an experienced local guide to show you the way, pointing out the tastiest wild mushrooms, herbs, and mountain vegetables. First, you’ll go on a light hike, led by a mountain guide, around a still-water lake reflecting the blue sky. You’ll venture into the forest of Mt. Gassan, one of the Dewa Sanzan (three sacred mountains of Dewa). Stick to the safety rules set out by your guides and respect their guidelines for an environmentally-friendly foraging activity that will safeguard the pristine nature of the area. You’ll learn how to recognize edible plants that are native to the area, with expert tips from your guide. Once you have are familiar with the local vegetation, you can start building your own nest egg of vividly-colored, fresh, and crunchy edible plants. Challenge yourself to gather as much as you can to beef up the raw materials for the upcoming cooking lesson. Return to the lodge and learn a variety of methods to cook your wild harvest, with a local cooking instructor. A bounty of vegetables with ruffled edges, tender leaves, and extraordinarily bright colors, turn into healthy boiled delicacies or airy and crunchy tempura, or else they can be eaten raw. Enjoy a well-deserved lunch in the second-floor dining room. The stars of the set menu are your freshly-harvested fragrant herbs, bitter or sweet vegetables, and flavorful mushrooms, in true mountain-to-table fashion! Join us for a day packed with good memories and unforgettable goodies in the Japanese countryside.
An English speaking guide
A guided hike to gather edible wild plants
A cooking class with instructors to teach you how to cook edible plants
A delicious lunch featuring the vegetables you have gathered and learned to cook
Local mountain guides
Any additional food and beverages
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
Meet your guide at the Kita-Gassanso Lodge.
This experience is seasonal. Mountain vegetable harvesting takes place from June 20 to July 31st and mushroom harvesting is from September 20th to November 10th.
Please be reminded to arrive on time at the meeting point.
Experience Location
Known as the “Three Mountains of Dewa,” Dewa Sanzan are Yamagata’s sacred mountains, each with shrines waiting at the top. Climbing all three mountains symbolizes a journey of rebirth: Mt. Haguro represents life; Gassan, death; and Mt. Yudono, rebirth. Mountain ascetics known as yamabushi follow “Shugendo,” a religion centered around mountain worship, and undergo physical tests and long pilgrimages.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals