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Murashige Sake Brewery Tour in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi

Hosted by Kyoko
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Experience Details
Experience Location
2 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 15 guests
Japanese, English
Private Experience
Soak in the vibes of an energetic group of sake brewers and enjoy the fruits of their labor during a sake tasting experience.
Visit the sake brewery that boasts the biggest sugidama in the world
Tour the brewery's facilities with an English-speaking tour guide
Sample a variety of sake from the brewery's selection
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
The sake-curious and nihonshu connoisseurs alike are in for a special treat here in Yamaguchi! This fun and informative sake brewery tour grants you an inside look into the world of sake brewing and gives access to a special sake tasting. Splurge on a deep experience that has a special trump card: the enthusiasm of a new generation of brewers who have recently taken on the business. If you decide to come on board this Japanese sake brewery tour, a feature that doesn’t go unnoticed is their giant sugidama. Sugidama are balls made of cedar tree branches, which initially have green foliage that turns brown with time. In the past, they were used to inform customers when a new batch of sake had aged long enough and was ready to drink. To this day, sugidama continue to be used as a symbol of sake breweries, and Murashige Sake Brewery boasts the largest sugidama in the world! After touring the Murashige Sake Brewery, you’ll end the tour with a sake tasting experience. Sample sips of sake from their curated selection of bottles and learn to distinguish various aromas and levels of richness that vary based on the polishing rate of rice and the exact type of yeast used. The younger generation of brewers is passionate and devoted to their craft. They wish to open the brewery up to more guests in the hopes that these visitors can benefit from a brewery tour and learn something about sake production. The friendly staff and excellent rice wine here are the perfect combination for an unforgettable trip!
A guided tour given in English
Sake tasting
Any additional food and beverages
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
Meet directly at the sake brewery
Service animals are allowed.
Please note that this experience is not recommended for expectant mothers.
Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible.
Experience Location
Iwakuni City in Yamaguchi Prefecture was once the castle town of a ruling clan during the Edo era. The reconstruction of Iwakuni Castle is now a museum which houses samurai armor and Edo period art. Located along the Seto Inland Sea, the seafood here is deliciously fresh. The city also boasts its own unique “Iwakuni sushi” which, surprisingly, is not topped with fish. It is instead constructed in a rectangular pan like a lasagna. This foreigner-friendly dish has layers of rice, veggies, and cooked prawns, and is sliced into rectangular pieces to serve.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals