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Shonai Sake Tasting in Tsuruoka City
¥ 1,500
 per guest
¥ 1,500
per guest
ID 311

Shonai Sake Tasting in Tsuruoka City

Relish the stunning regional sake products of the Shonai region, the heavenly result of fresh spring water, traditional brewing methods, and high-quality rice!
1 hour
Minimum of 2 guests
Japanese - English
When you attend this experience
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donate ¥ 50
Tsuruoka City in northern Yamagata is full of resources and offers a variety of assorted, fun activities for visitors. In regards to natural beauty, the city is home to some awe-inspiring landscapes, including the sacred Dewa Sanzan Mountains (recognized by the Michelin Green Guide). The city was also declared a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy in 2014 for its diverse culinary traditions. The area boasts many other blessings, as well. In fact, the Shonai region is one of the nation’s top producers of high-grade rice, with pure water flowing down the surrounding mountains and clear spring water bubbling up after spending 1000 years underground on its way towards the surface. Sake-producing families have made good use of the region’s rice and the crystal-clear spring water to brew top-notch Japanese rice wine, earning Shonai a reputation as one of Japan’s most renowned sake producing areas. So, Tsuruoka is the ideal spot to indulge in a sake tasting. You can choose from a wide selection of high-quality Japanese sake, produced by dozens of breweries. Try 3 types of fine sake as you enjoy tasting the 3 small dishes to go with them. The location, right outside of the Tsuruoka Station, is home to a convenient mishmash of eateries, duty-free shops, and stores selling seasonal products, a wonderland for foodies. After you enjoy this tasting experience, you can take the chance to browse the area.
Enjoy a regional sake tasting with 3 types of sake from local breweries
Taste 3 small food items paired with the sake
Three types of sake
Three small dishes
Any other food or beverages
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
The center is next to Tsuruoka Station.
Please be reminded that in Japan the minimum legal drinking age is 20 years old
Experience Location:
Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture is located along the Sea of Japan and features stunning landscape views. Nature-lovers will find themselves drawn to the beaches Yunohaa and Sanze, as well as Dewasanzan (Three Mountains of Dewa). Foodies will also find much to enjoy, as Tsuruoka was recognized as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy for its ancestral food, including Shojin Ryori (the vegetarian Buddhist cuisine). Other major attractions include the Kamo Aquarium, hot springs, and festivals such as Tenjin Matsuri in May and Oyama Dog Festival in June.
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