Shapton Finishing Whetstone Kuromaku cream #12000

Producer: Shapton
ID: 174
Color graded whetstone for superior sharpening and quick recognition in a busy kitchen
¥ 9,500
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Inventors of the world's first color-graded whetstones, Shapton has made it easy to reach for the right whetstone in seconds, saving you precious time in a busy professional kitchen. Available in low, rough grit all the way to finishing stones, Shapton's color-graded sharpening stones are an indispensable tool for chefs seeking to keep their knives sharp and clean. Whether you choose to collect a complete set to be ready for any occasion, or just keep a few of your favorite grits on hand, the easy-to-distinguish color system makes this series top of the line. (cream off-white, #10000 finishing grit)
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 690 gr
  • Product height: 210 cm
  • Product width: 90 cm
  • Product length: 400 cm
Shapton Finishing Whetstone Kuromaku cream #12000 is produced in Tochigi prefecture.
Tochigi Prefecture
Shapton operates under the philosophy of ""Sharpen your Life - Life itself feels sharper with Shapton"", uniting their lifestyle with their craft.

For cooking at home, sharp knives are essential to making delicious food. Shapton strives to create products that preserve the knives in your home-keeping them clean and sharp for years of use. Shapton's products feature unique grit and bonding agents allowing them to sharpen quickly and reliably without the need for pre-soaking.

Shapton offers a variety of products, from the world's first color-coded whetstone grit grading system to elegant glass whetstones and upkeep tools for sharpeners. From home chefs to professionals, Shapton offers products to suit every knife.