Artificial Omura Rough Whetstone

Producer: Imanishi Seito
ID: 175
The rebirth of one of the world's most unique natural whetstones, made available thanks to overwhelming demand!
¥ 3,700
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First mined in Omura, Nagasaki, and then certain Wakayama veins, traditional Omura whetstones are made of all-natural materials with a unique softness. Although the mines of their origin are now closed, the popularity of the Omura whetstone has bred an artificial version offering the same gentle grinding quality and luxurious feel.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 1700 gr
  • Product height: 205 cm
  • Product width: 75 cm
  • Product length: 300 cm
Artificial Omura Rough Whetstone is produced in Kyoto prefecture.
Imanishi Seito
Kyoto Prefecture
The Grinding Stone Sales Association of Kyoto was established in 1948 for the purpose of mutual development and friendship among members of the grinding stone industry in the Kyoto and Shiga areas.
A member of the National Federation of Grinding Wheel Associations, which is organized with other grinding wheel associations throughout Japan, its activities are aimed at developing the industry and contributing to the betterment of society. Imanishi Seito is just one of the producers creating high-quality natural and man-made whetstones through the organization. The association would like to remind people of the importance of grinding stones across various industries and promote the appeal of Kyoto-area origin "grinding stones" and their manufacturers and uses through various events.