Ceramic Sharpener for Steel CS-10-N

Producer: Kyocera
ID: 110
Easy to use and upkeep sharpener for steel tools and knives.
¥ 1,000
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The grindstone of this sharpener is made of fine ceramic, appropriate for not only knives but nearly any steel blade! Kitchen knives, scissors, peelers and carvers, and even gardening tools like sickles can be sharpened with this easy-to-use tool. The material of this sharpener can be fully immersed and washed, so upkeep of the sharper is just as easy as maintaining your steel blades.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 95 gr
  • Product height: 19 cm
  • Product width: 70 cm
  • Product length: 60 cm
Ceramic Sharpener for Steel CS-10-N is produced in Kyoto prefecture.
Kyoto Prefecture
Since 1984, when Kyocera became the first domestic manufacturer to market ceramic knives, the company has been manufacturing and selling kitchen and daily necessities centered on ceramic technology, including cooking accessories, frying pans, mug bottles, and tumblers.
Kyocera's goal is to create not just tools, but products that are designed with the intent of bringing joy to the user, from material development to design and after-sales service. Kyocera's attention to detail enriches the hearts and minds of those who use their products.
By using ceramic knives, food can be cut lightly, sharply, and cleanly. Cooking becomes so comfortable and enjoyable that even when your menu is complete, you'll feel like making one more dish. Kyocera's products guarantee that will be able to make delicious food that brings a smile to every face.
Kyocera promises to continue to contribute to healthy and enriching lifestyles through its commitment to craftsmanship.