Copper Tumbler M S-502 350ml

Producer: Shinkoukinzoku
ID: 153
Keep your drinks fridge cold longer with this highly conductive and stylish copper tumbler.
¥ 3,500
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Thanks to its excellent conductive properties, copper has long been a popular choice for high-quality drinking vessels. When you pour a chilled beverage into this tumbler, the copper walls quickly adjust to keep your drink at just the right temperature. Whether you're sipping gin or juice, this tumbler holds in the cold for an uncompromising drinking experience. Medium, 350ml version.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 185 gr
  • Product height: 120 cm
  • Product width: 80 cm
  • Product length: 90 cm
Copper Tumbler M S-502 350ml is produced in Niigata prefecture.
Niigata Prefecture
Since developing the COPPER 100 brand, Shinkoukinzoku has worked to manufacture products to a 100% standard of perfection. Making use of 100% of the technology at their disposal to create products with 100% safety, 100% functionality, 100% quality, 100% design, and 100% value.
After its establishment in 1959 to manufacture and sell nonferrous metal materials, the company has developed products that please customers in construction and value. As a result, the COPPER 100 brand has earned a top-notch reputation among producers bother overseas and within Japan.
In partnership with byFood, you are invited to enjoy the 100% satisfaction that comes from using COPPER 100 products.
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