DIY Matsumae Pickles Set 100g

Seller: Ishokudougen
Producer: Ishokudougen
ID: 394
Take out all the packages inside the pod. Pour water into the empty pod to the line(black line is on a label) Put all the ingredients and mix and leave it in the fridge for about one hour.
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Matsumae zuke is pickled kombu kelp with dried squid and soy sauce. In the kit, all the ingredients required for making your own Matsumae zuke are included. The kombu comes from Hakodate, Hokkaido, and contains no preservatives or extra chemicals. Matsumae pickles pair perfectly with shredded vegetables, aromatic herbs, or seafood dishes. Once everything is mixed together, you'll have 240g of Matsumae zuke! DIY instructions: Take all of the packages out of the container. Pour water into the empty container to the black line indicated on the outer label. Put all the ingredients inside the container and mix and refrigerate for one hour.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 270 gr
  • Product height: 10 cm
  • Product width: 10 cm
  • Product length: 10 cm
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DIY Matsumae Pickles Set 100g is produced in Hokkaido prefecture.
Hokkaido Prefecture
Ishoku Dougen makes products from the precious kelp that only grows in the sea around Hakodate and along the coast of Muroran City in Hokkaido. The kelp is characterized by its stickiness and is rich in fucoidan and marine collagen. To make it easy to incorporate into your daily diet, Ishoku Dougen offers food products such as chopped kelp and grated kelp, dashi ponzu (vinegar), and salt. We also offer a set of handmade Matsumaezuke pickles.