EBM Professional Middle Whetstone (#1000)

Producer: Matsunaga Toishi
ID: 107
High-quality whetstone by EBM, perfect for general use.
¥ 7,600
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This whetstone is handy for both refreshing dull blades and daily use for the upkeep and maintenance of your favorite knives. EBM is known for producing high-quality products at an affordable price range, suitable for both home and professional use. This knife has a rating of #1000, making it functional for a variety of uses and falling within the perfect grit range for most users (between #700 and #1200).
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 1000 gr
  • Product height: 34 cm
  • Product width: 80 cm
  • Product length: 100 cm
EBM Professional Middle Whetstone (#1000) is produced in Osaka prefecture.
Matsunaga Toishi
Osaka Prefecture
Matsunaga Toishi offers grinding stones in a variety of styles and strengths to suit any job. After years of research, and in accordance with the latest technology, Matsunaga Toishi's crowning achievement, the "King" grinding stone has been born. From whetstones to sharpen knives, to grinding tools for cutting, shaving, and polishing, and everything in between, Matsunaga Toishi's product offerings are all expertly crafted. The company takes pride in their honest endeavor to create the best grinding tools on the market and invites you to take a look at all they have to offer.