Fujitora DP Steel Gyuto Knife with Bolster FU-808 21cm

Producer: Tojiro
ID: 116
A solid gyuto style Japanese knife made of rust-resistant steel for long term use.
¥ 9,500
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A knife with excellent sharpness and rust resistance! Widely used by professionals and home chefs alike, this knife combines professional-use sharpness with ease of care. The handle is resistant to aging and wear, boasting outstanding durability for long-term use thanks to the riveted handle and metal binding. The hygienic metal joint between the blade and handle prevents dirt from accumulating, keeping your blade and food safe. 21 cm blade length. Tojiro is one of the most prestigious Japanese knife makers in the world. They combine traditional techniques with modern ones to produce world-class knives. A lot of work done on the knives is still done by experienced master craftsmen. The Tojiro DP chef's knife series is one of the most popular. It features high-quality workmanship at an affordable price. Made with superior technology and traditional technique, they use the patented DP (Decarburization Prevention) and has been recognized by the Good Design Award in Japan.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 285 gr
  • Product height: 335 cm
  • Product width: 65 cm
  • Product length: 385 cm
Fujitora DP Steel Gyuto Knife with Bolster FU-808 21cm is produced in Niigata prefecture.
Niigata Prefecture
From Tsubame Sanjou to the World
The vision of Tojiro: "Taking cut a step further."
Tojiro produces proper Japanese blades in the famous forging region of Tsubame Sanjo. The knives of Tojiro merge tradition and innovation, integrated production expressing a prime quality knife with cuts that go a step beyond.
These are blades whose fine quality you can feel just by holding, a thoroughly satisfying cutting experience.
Sincerity, fidelity, gratitude, creation...with these four images in mind, Tojiro continues to refine its technique.
Under its trademark seal, the four Fuji-san representing these ideals, Tojiro promises to continue to greet customers openly, creating in good faith knives that express their gratitude and love for the craft.