Glestain Sharpening Steel

Producer: Homma Science
ID: 114
A world-class sharpener for the world-class knives of professionals
¥ 3,700
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This sharpener, created from 440A base Grestain steel, is subjected to special stages of heat treatment to create an innovative product. Individually finished by professional engineers, each sharpener includes a Honba attachment for specialized shaping and sharpening of Japanese knives. These sharpeners are only made available to the public after rigorous testing in corrosion, abrasion, heat and cold resistance, hardness, durability, and sharpening capability. Manufactured with a quality truly worthy of the trust of professionals, this is a world-class sharpener for world-class knives.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 200 gr
  • Product height: 400 cm
  • Product width: 50 cm
  • Product length: 300 cm
Glestain Sharpening Steel is produced in Niigata prefecture.
Homma Science
Niigata Prefecture
Homma Science is proud to offer Glestain knives, a proprietary style of knife that has become known around the world. Glestain knives are known for their unique shape with scalloped indentation and have received support from both craftsmen and customers. The name has become synonymous with its appearance, and the revolutionary Glestain knife can now be found in professional kitchens across the globe. Homma Science has pioneered the quality of stainless steel used for these knives, undergoing several stages of special heat treatment and a singular forging process. The knives of Homma Science are revolutionary products, improving all aspects of conventional knives and cleavers.