Hida Tatara Ramen Three Flavor Set (6 boxes)

Producer: E-Hida Company
ID: 345
A delicious ramen set complete with 100% Hida wheat noodles and three specialty broths.
¥ 5,200
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After much deliberation and trial and error, this specialty Hida Tatara Ramen was born. The noodles are made of 100% Hida wheat and are characterized by their smooth straightness and slightly sweet flavor. As Hida noodles complement many flavors, this specialty set comes with a variety of different soup broths. - Miso: made with shijimi clams from Lake Shinji, Shimane Prefecture - Soy Sauce: made with flying fish from the waters around Oki Island, Shimane Prefecture - Salt: made with Daisen chicken bones from Tottori Prefecture Gift this set to a noodle connoisseur, or enjoy it for yourself! Set Contents: 6 boxes (3 types of ramen x 2) Box Contents: 2 servings per box: Lake Shinji Miso 280g, Oki Flying Fish Soy Sauce 284g, Daisan Chicken Salt 290g Storage: Keep at room temperature and away from high humidity and direct sunlight. Note: The factory manufactures products that contain buckwheat. Please be careful to avoid burns when cooking.
Common Allergens
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 1950 gr
  • Product height: 16 cm
  • Product width: 25 cm
  • Product length: 17 cm
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Hida Tatara Ramen Three Flavor Set (6 boxes) is produced in Shimane prefecture.
E-Hida Company
Shimane Prefecture
E-Hida Company was established by the residents of Hida, who were troubled by the thought that the region would eventually disappear if things continued as they currently are due to the trending decline and aging of the population. In order to realize the vision that Hida incorporates the thoughts and hearts of multiple generations, the company aims to create a community where everyone can feel "E-Hida" - a play on words meaning both "Good Hida" and "Good day" - today, tomorrow and decades into the future.

Since delicious rice and vegetables are plentiful because of Hida's bountiful nature, E-Hida Company is excited to deliver these goods to you - packed with love as well!