Kazahana Snow Aged Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set - 1 x 500ml

Seller: Kofukuya
Producer: Kofukuya
ID: 367
Specialty cold brew coffee made by slowly aging beans underneath the snow.
¥ 2,700
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Experience a unique cold brew made from aging mature coffee beans under the snow for one winter, then steeping them in Hokkaido snow-melt water. Called Kazahana (snow flurry) cold brew, this coffee is characterized by its soft sweetness and mellow flavor. A unique roasting method was developed to accentuate the crispness and depth of this coffee's straight Colombian beans. Unique points: 1. The beans were aged under the snow of Shirakawa, Gifu prefecture. 2. The water comes from Hokkaido's Yotei Mountain snow melt. It is one of the most mineral-rich waters in Hokkaido and is characterized by its softness and low magnesium and calcium content. This results in a refreshing coffee without sharp, hard bitterness. 3. Transparent wine bottles are used to display the beauty of snow-inspired beverage. This product contains 1 x 500ml bottles delivered in a gift box. A perfect present for coffee connoisseurs! Shelf life: as written on the bottle (8 months from filling).
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 500 gr
  • Product height: 30 cm
  • Product width: 7 cm
  • Product length: 7 cm
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Kazahana Snow Aged Cold Brew Coffee Gift Set - 1 x 500ml is produced in Gifu prefecture.
Gifu Prefecture
Kofukuya is a small coffee bean shop located in the heart of Japan in Gifu prefecture. They deliver coffee beans from regions all around the world so delicious coffee can be enjoyed from the comfort of one's own home. One of Kofukuya's unique products is Snow-Aged coffee, where the beans are kept under the snow during the winter to create a soft and mellow taste. Kofukuya offers many different Snow-Aged products like cold brews, ice coffees, jellies, and more! Additionally, Kofukuya carries both blended and unblended coffee products. Since Kofukuya strives to make every coffee moment a delightful one, they recommend enjoying their products soon after arrival for maximum freshness and best taste.