“Red String of Fate” Couples’ Chopstick Set with Chopstick Rests

Seller: Vivian
Producer: Hyozaemon
ID: 48
This visually striking pair of couples’ chopsticks are tied together by a hint of sparkle.
¥ 7,700
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Ideal as a gift for couples or between partners, the paulownia box features an illustration of a red thread that unravels to form the outline of a couple beside a heart shape. Nestled in the box are two ceramic chopstick rests and two pairs of chopsticks–one red pair and one black. The iridescent, mother-of-pearl-type decoration that extends along the length of their handles forms a common thread between these two contrasting chopstick sets, giving a sense of unity.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 200 gr
  • Product height: 28 cm
  • Product width: 14 cm
  • Product length: 3 cm
“Red String of Fate” Couples’ Chopstick Set with Chopstick Rests is produced in Fukui prefecture.
Fukui Prefecture
Hyoaemon is committed to producing chopsticks that adhere to the highest safety standards. Using virgin lacquer that does not contain harmful ingredients to coat the tips of their chopsticks, and natural wood like ebony, rosewood, cherry tree, and maple; Hyozaemon ensures that customers have peace of mind when selecting their products. Their special consideration for materials all started in the 1970s, when one mother questioned if it was safe for her child to put the tips of worn-out chopsticks in their mouth after grinding down the tip of it like a colored pencil. That question triggered Hyozaemon to review the safety of their chopstick materials, and treat chopsticks more like food regarding the standards to which they are held. Now, Hyoaemon makes chopsticks with the motto "chopsticks are food."