Satsuma-Imo Shochu 17-year Vintage Tasting Set (500 Ltd. Ed., Warranty Card Inc.)

Seller: Takumi Sosei
Producer: Tensei Shuzo
ID: 137
Three sweet potato-based shochu brewed at the highest quality and recognized for their particular terroir and superior brewing methods.
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¥ 19,800
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Internationally recognized by geographical indication and produced by different breweries, each of these Satsuma-imo shochu boast a unique bouquet to enjoy and compare. Each set is guaranteed by a warranty card with the edition number, verifying the quality and rarity of these remarkable sweet-potato shochu. (2005 Tensei / Tensei brewery) 35% alcohol by volume. The delicate flavor of this Sweet potato shochu features a floral nose and mildness without the harsh notes of fresh shochu. (2005 Chizuru / Kami brewery) 36% alcohol by volume. A blooming sweetness that tickles the nose punctuates the fruity-caramel taste of this stone-aged shochu. (2008 Marunishi / Marunishi brewery) 36% alcohol by volume. At first the voluminous experience of unprocessed sake, and then a rising mellow sweetness that develops from the first stimulating notes of spice and black pepper.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2181 gr
  • Product height: 8 cm
  • Product width: 23 cm
  • Product length: 23 cm
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Satsuma-Imo Shochu 17-year Vintage Tasting Set (500 Ltd. Ed., Warranty Card Inc.) is produced in Kagoshima prefecture.
Tensei Shuzo
Kagoshima Prefecture
The soft water of the Osaki Hishida area is indispensable for creating the soft and smooth taste of Imojochu. 25 thousand years ago, a volcanic eruption transformed an ancient sandbar into an 100-meter deep natural filtration system for the groundwater of Mt. Takakuma. Tensei brewery is located just above this resource rich area and utilizes water that has passed through the silica-rich shirasu layer and is further filtered by sand and gravel. Since 75% of our product is water, Tensei carefully curates the particularities for the best quality in a prefecture known for its unique, locality-based Imojochu.