Seki Magoroku Benifuji Santoku Knife 165mm AB5437

Producer: Kaijirushi
ID: 158
This knife has undergone a unique grinding process to produce an exacting and long-lasting edge!
¥ 5,500
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Uniquely ground and sharpened to reduce resistance when cutting through ingredients, this blade's cut maintains the look of food without crushing or stabbing. The result is an edge with long-lasting durability and good penetration. This knife has a robust balance that is easy to wield. Its handle is made of laminated, reinforced wood with a luxurious look and feel. The lamination treatment preserves the appeal of a wood handle while making it food-safe and water-resistant. This edition features a 165mm length.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 240 gr
  • Product height: 295 cm
  • Product width: 70 cm
  • Product length: 360 cm
Seki Magoroku Benifuji Santoku Knife 165mm AB5437 is produced in Gifu prefecture.
Gifu Prefecture
Kiajirushi is a sector of Kai group, a knife manufacturer with over 400 years of history in Gifu prefecture.
Kaijirushi has expanded operations, always considering how to create knives that will be beloved worldwide by exemplifying craftsmanship and charm. The result has been a knife that displays refreshingly clean cuts every time, in line with the wishes of customers and creators. Today, Kai group offers more than just blades for the kitchen, and their practice has expanded to beauty care and grooming items, bringing their catalog to over 100,000 products. Responsible for developing, manufacturing, and selling all of their own products, KIA hopes that its blades will become a part of the everyday lives of its customers, the team continuing to work together to achieve this goal.