Takara Shochu/Awamori 38-year Vintage Set (500 Set Ltd. Ed.)

Seller: Takumi Sosei
Producer: Morimoto Senemon Shoten
ID: 149
A limited edition box set of shochu and awamori to be treasured by fanatics and newcomers alike. Experience the pride of Japanese spirits.
¥ 33,000
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The Takara lineup of aged sake features a variety of minimum 10-year aged shochu and an award-winning bottle of awamori. You can only enjoy this unique pairing here, so it's a can't miss set for shochu lovers looking a an exciting treasure to add to their collection. (2002 Kuromatsu okina / Morimoto senuemon shoten) 44% alcohol by volume. A pressurized brewing process has led to a rich, melty mouthfeel and palpable sweetness. (2006 Zuiyo / Zuiyo) 44 % alcohol by volume Traditionally brewed without added pressure, it features a strong barley aroma and complex, robust sweetness. (2009 Fusanotsuyu / Fusa no tsuyu) 40.2% alcohol by volume The scent of rice and remarkable smoothness belie the high proof of this awamori. (1984 Batsugun / Batsugun brewery) 38% alcohol by volume. Particularly long aging lends a surprising sweetness and rich fragrance. (2005 Chizuru / Kami brewery) 36% alcohol by volume. The rich flavor of aging can be felt in this drink, created from strictly selected ingredients. (2005 Tensei / Tensei brewery) 35% alcohol by volume. The long aging process brings roundness to this awamori without sacrificing its floral aromas. (2007 Matsufuji / Sakiyama Shuzo Sho) 44% alcohol by volume. A deep and smooth flavor surpising in such a strong spirit.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 3124 gr
  • Product height: 7 cm
  • Product width: 45 cm
  • Product length: 32 cm
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Takara Shochu/Awamori 38-year Vintage Set (500 Set Ltd. Ed.) is produced in Mie prefecture.
Morimoto Senemon Shoten
Mie Prefecture
Morimoto Senemon Shoten is located at the foot of Iga Ueno Castle, which rises majestically from a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides.
Iga is one of the best places for sake brewing, blessed with pure water from the Suzuka Mountains and quality sake rice grown in the soil of Lake Biwa.
Morimoto Senemon Shoten makes sake with a wish for longevity and prosperity, following the philosophy: "To provide delicious sake for everyone to drink".