UruWashi-sheet Coaster

Seller: Sugihara
Producer: Sugihara Shoten
ID: 6
A coaster made with 100% natural materials and unmatched craft.
¥ 700
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Elegant, lightweight, and waterproof, these coasters combine the beauty of the Echizen Washi and the durability of the Echizen lacquer. Their simple and timeless charm will turn every meal, snack, and tea time into a special occasion. Since they are carefully handmade by craftsmen, their deep colors and smooth texture differ from one to the other, making each piece truly unique. Perfect to pair with the UruWashi-sheet tablemat, these coasters are sure to bring the gentle grace of Japanese tradition to your home.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 10 gr
  • Product height: 1 cm
  • Product width: 9 cm
  • Product length: 9 cm
UruWashi-sheet Coaster is produced in Fukui prefecture.
Sugihara Shoten
Fukui Prefecture
Based in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture, Sugihara Shoten is a washi wholesaler established in 1871 and passed on for ten generations. Its owner, Yoshinao Sugihara, is known as the "washi sommelier" and strives to popularize various types of Japanese paper by developing original washi that suits modern lifestyles. His company has been a pioneer in the market for washi paper that can be used for interior design, and one of the first in the business to participate in exhibitions both in Japan and overseas. Sugihara has received many awards for his innovative work and in 2018 decided to renovate the historical warehouse to include a Japanese paper gallery.