Nabana no Sato Travel Guide

Nabana no Sato
See the night sky light up as you take a stroll around Nabana no Sato, where thousands of lights cover the flower garden.

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Japan’s most famous clam producing town is the place to try this delicious shellfish in dozens of exciting forms.
Lunch: ¥5,000-10,000
Dinner: ¥10,000-15,000

Da Sempre

You’ll be surprised at the exquisite quality of this Italian restaurant, especially with the courses going at bargain prices.
Lunch: ¥1,000-5,000
Dinner: ¥5,000-10,000

Nabana no Sato is an attraction in Mie Prefecture that can be visited during any of the four seasons, with each time of year featuring a different theme. During spring, a flower festival is held for visitors to enjoy and take pictures in the garden. Specifically, during February and March, the plum blossoms and sakura flowers are in bloom and the entire garden glows pink at night. Fall offers vibrant, fiery colors as the red momiji leaves reflect off the surface of the mirror pond. During winter, the entire garden is illuminated, attracting visitors from all over the world. There are different illuminations such as “cloud sea of light,” which is popular among couples.

Throughout the year, the flower garden in Andes Begonia Garden located in the park is one of the main attractions as it has tons of colorful flowers. If you’re a fan of roses, there is a garden dedicated to this flower and contains 800 types of roses. You can even grab yourself rose soft serve ice cream available in the garden. Taking a break is always important, and the garden provides that with their day spa Sato-no-Yu, where you can bathe in their open-air hot spring bath.

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