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Discover the Food Culture of Ine Beyond the Boathouses

Hosted by BOJ
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Experience Details
Experience Location
3 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 6 guests
Chinese, Japanese, English
Pescetarian, With sake
Discover the cuisine and culture of coastal town Ine as you travel beyond the funaya (boathouses) and immerse yourself in the local food and sake.
Enjoy a boat ride around the bay making stops at local aquaculture sites
Soak up the view of the funaya boathouses and their preserved culture
Learn how to prepare fresh sashimi using locally caught fish
Explore a preserved boathouse and imagine a day in the life of an Ine local
Taste delicious sake at a local sake brewery made from red rice
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Best known for its unique style of boathouses, Ine is a famous coastal town on the edge of Kyoto Prefecture. These houseboats are called funaya (literally from “boat” and “house”). Beyond these boathouses, you can discover a deeper side of Ine through culture and food during this unique sea-faring tour. Discover Ine as you jump on a boat and take a voyage around the bay. With a knowledgeable local guide, you will visit the aquatic farms that raise local shellfish. With excellent views of the bay from the boat, you’ll gain a sense of the region as you cruise around. You will get to know the local wildlife since there’s not only plenty of fresh seafood around, but the bay is full of birds like hawks and seagulls as well! Next, you will learn how to carefully prepare sashimi, aka slices of raw fish. You will be able to choose from a variety of freshly caught fish and admire their stark colors! With the help of your expert sashimi instructor, you will be guided step-by-step to prepare the fish. You will learn how to descale the fish and clean it up carefully, and practice your technique for making each precise cut required to make high-quality sashimi slices. At the end of the lesson, enjoy eating a beautiful plate of your very own sashimi! You'll feel connected with the bounty of the sea after this hands-on experience. With an appreciation for the sea, embrace everyday life in Ine and admire the significance of the architecture of the funaya. Preserving local culture, each boathouse opens on the bay, allowing easy access and boat storage. You can explore a well-preserved funaya as well. As a final stop, you will visit a local sake brewery. This is one of the few in Japan that is woman-owned, featuring a specialty sake that is made from red rice. You can taste this “Ine Mankai” sake, which has a sweet flavor and unique pinkish color. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy with an ocean view of the Ine area.
English speaking guide
Sashimi making lesson with step-by-step instruction
Sake sampling at a local brewery
Bottle of sake
Transportation fees to and from Ine
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
491 Hirata, Igan-cho, Wakasa-gun, Kyoto 626-0423
Please wear appropriate walking shoes
Experience Location
Featuring beautiful landscapes from mountain to sea, Kyoto Prefecture conveys traditional Japanese culture through its architecture and gardens, art and artisanal crafts, and delicious local cuisine made from regional produce.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals