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Kyoto Nishiki Market Tour and Cooking Class
¥ 13,000
 per guest
¥ 13,000
per guest
ID 50

Kyoto Nishiki Market Tour and Cooking Class

Discover the wonders of Kyoto's Nishiki Markets in an exciting food tour followed by making Kyoto cuisine in a cooking class.
3.5 hours
Minimum of 2 guests
When you attend this experience
byFood will 
donate ¥ 250
Located in the heart of Kyoto City, Nishiki Market is open daily, selling the freshest seafood, local products, cooking utensils, sweets, sake, and more. It’s an iconic market of Kyoto that’s considered to be “Kyoto’s Kitchen." Visiting Nishiki Market makes for a wonderful sensory overload, and gives great insight into Japanese food and Kyoto’s regional cuisine. Discover Kyoto’s foodie haven, Nishiki Market, during this Kyoto Nishi Market Tour and Cooking Class. It’s an experience that combines a tour of the famous Nishiki Market with a local tour guide, followed by making Kyoto cuisine in a cooking class. During the Nishiki Market tour, you’ll learn about local products and flavors, tasting some of the best Kyoto has to offer. You’ll spend 1.5 hours learning about seasonal vegetable, fruits, traditional kitchen tools in Japan, and find out the secret to a good sake. You’ll also pay a visit to Nishiki Shrine as you explore the busy and exciting Kyoto Nishiki Market. After the market tour, you’ll head back to the cooking studio to meet a new guide, a cooking instructor who will teach you how to make 4 Japanese dishes, called Washoku in Japanese. You’ll use these 4 components to build your very own bento lunch box! As you cook, your instructor will introduce you to Japanese culture and its inextricable food history. Using delicious local ingredients and traditional Japanese cooking techniques, you’ll learn about Kyoto through cooking! Finish up your fun and informative food tour and cooking class experience, enjoy your bento creation with a complimentary tasting of shochu, a distilled alcohol from Japan.
Discover the best of Kyoto’s Nishiki Market during an in-depth food tour of the market
Learn about the local food and lifestyle in Kyoto, as well as the foundations of Japanese food
Taste some delicious samples at Nishiki Market
Return to the cooking studio and learn how to make 4 different dishes of local Japanese food for a bento lunch box
Conclude the Kyoto Nishiki Market Tour and Cooking Class with a shochu alcohol tasting
Samples along the tour route
Ingredients for making 4 dishes of Kyoto cuisine
Cooking utensils and tools provided
English menu and recipe
Complimentary shochu tasting
Additional food or drinks, or souvenir purchases
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
The meeting point is in front of Kyoto Super Hotel Shijo Kawaramachi.
This experience strictly starts on time. Please be respectful of the other guests. If guests do not arrive at the meeting point by the departure time, the tour will begin regardless.
Please notify us in advance if there are any food restrictions, preferences, and allergies e.g. gluten allergy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.
Minimum drinking age is 20 years and above in Japan. Alternative drinks will be served for participants who are 20 years and below.
Please be reminded to wear comfortable shoes because there will be a lot of walking.
Experience Location:
Occupying a narrow undercover street in downtown Kyoto, Nishiki Market is made up by over 130 shopfronts and restaurants impressively spread across 5 blocks. It has served as the “Kitchen of Kyoto” for over 400 years, an essential market in the heart of the city selling all kinds of regional produce and locally-made goods. Visiting Nishiki Market makes for a wonderful sensory overload: feeding the eyes with curious condiments and colorful produce, stimulating the nose with the aroma of street food wafting in the air, and tantalizing the taste buds with fresh seafood and delicious local sake.
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