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Miyajima Cooking Class, Tea Ceremony, and Calligraphy

Organized by Yuko
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Experience Details
Experience Location
2 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 10 guests
Japanese, English
Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Wear kimono, Learn etiquette
Immerse yourself in Japanese culture with this combination of a Japanese cooking class, a traditional tea ceremony, and a calligraphy experience.
Fully immerse yourself in 3 different traditional cultural practices on the beautiful island of Miyajima
Participate in a tea ceremony experience and learn how to prepare Japanese tea
Experience Japanese calligraphy and try your hand at writing Japanese characters with a traditional brush and ink
Make some Japanese food during a Japanese cooking class
Do all of these cultural activities while wearing a beautiful Japanese kimono!
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Experience a combination of Japanese cultural activities during this experience on Miyajima (also known as Itsukushima), the famous “shrine island” across from Hiroshima City. This Miyajima Cooking Class, Tea Ceremony, and Calligraphy Experience even has a kimono wearing experience included! First, you’ll get to try on a kimono of your choice. Then, you’ll enjoy a Japanese tea ceremony. The practice of “Sado” (“The Way of Tea”) is a refined practice that is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. You’ll participate in the tea ceremony with a tea master, using local pottery from the Miyajima area, and learn how to drink and appreciate matcha tea. You’ll also learn about the history and ritual of tea ceremonies in Japan, and how to prepare your own matcha green tea. Next, you’ll try your hand at Japanese calligraphy, “Shodo,” a relaxing and meditative cultural practice in Japan. Calligraphy takes patience and practice, so your guide will teach you techniques to create your own beautiful piece of writing. You can choose your favorite Chinese Character (kanji) from our sample and write your name in Japanese Alphabets (hiragana or katakana). Here, you’ll experience painting using a traditional brush and Japanese “Sumi” (ink). At last, you will choose a stamp to finalize your work. You will also get to take your artwork home! Finally, you’ll find yourself making some simple yet delicious Japanese food during a mini Japanese cooking class. Whether it be sweets or an onigiri rice ball, the menu changes with the season and can even be catered to your preferences. Japanese food and culture go hand-in-hand. It’s no wonder Japanese cuisine was named a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage! Enjoy the best of Japanese culture and join this Miyajima Cooking Class, Tea Ceremony, and Calligraphy Experience for a wonderful day trip from Hiroshima.
Kimono rental and kimono dressing
30-minute Japanese tea ceremony
30-minute calligraphy experience
30-minute Japanese cooking class (regularly changing menu)
All tools, equipment, and ingredients are provided
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The meeting point is at the experience location on Miyajima Island (Itsukushima). Details will be shared after booking.
Please be reminded to come to the experience on time
Cancellation Policy
Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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Experience Location

Sitting just off of Hiroshima City and officially named Itsukushima, Miyajima literally translates to “shrine island” in Japanese, as it’s a small island home to the famous Itsukushima Shinto Shrine. Proudly one of Japan’s three most beautiful views, Itsukushima’s enormous and iconic red torii gate stands tall emerging from the ocean. Miyajima is walkable on foot, and is home to plenty of street food and a number of other religious sites such as Daishoin and Senjokaku. The background of Mount Misen offers leafy hiking trails and a gorgeous view down onto the quaint local town.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals