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Shizuoka Tour, Tea Picking & Dining with Views of Mt. Fuji

Organized by Koichi Yamada
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Experience Details
Experience Location
4 hours
Number of Guests
2 - 20 guests
Enjoy tea picking and a scenic hike, indulge in fine dining with views of Mt. Fuji, and learn the traditional way to prepare tea in this exclusive private experience in Mt. Awagatake, Shizuoka.
Learn about tea from leaf to cup in Shizuoka, Japan’s largest tea producer. Harvest tea leaves, hike with a local guide, and enjoy fine dining with local delicacies like tea leaf tempura.
This experience is available on Mondays from April to November, and is conducted in Japanese, but an English or Chinese interpreter can be booked through the Options below.
Pick tea leaves in Mt. Awagatake, an agricultural heritage site, and follow its scenic hiking road with a local guide. Explore spiritual sites and bask in the amazing views along the way.
Enjoy a fine dining experience at a restaurant with incredible views of Mt. Fuji. Indulge in a delicacy meal using local ingredients, including the tea leaves you harvested earlier.
Participate in a tea-making lesson performed by an expert, and learn the traditional way to prepare Japanese tea.
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Japan’s tea culture is nothing short of fascinating, and you can discover it in an exclusive and private tea harvesting and dining experience in one of Japan's leading tea producing areas, Mt. Awagatake, Shizuoka, which also happens to be a very scenic spot to bask in views of nearby Mt. Fuji. Along with a local guide, you’ll explore the fields, pick tea leaves, and hike up Mt. Awagatake to enjoy a fine dining experience with local specialties and unparalleled views. There, an expert will teach you the traditional way to make tea. Please note that this experience is conducted in Japanese, but you can book an English or Chinese interpreter (see Options below). You’ll start your day at a local tea shop at the foot of Mt. Awagatake where you’ll meet your guide, who will be waiting for you with a fresh cup of tea. Together, you'll head to an organic tea plantation, where you’ll pick tea leaves while relishing in the views of Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay, as your guide fills you in on the history of the area. After harvesting, your guide will take you on a 30-minute hike up Mt. Awagatake, during which you'll see wild animals and plants and stop by scenic viewpoints and spiritual spots, like ancient monoliths and shrines. Be sure to work an appetite as you climb — a fine dining course meal awaits at the summit! The meal at Tenku no Chabakate restaurant features local ingredients and, of course, plenty of tea. You’ll taste deep-fried and battered tea-leaf tempura made from the leaves you harvested earlier. Enjoy the fruits of your labor as you sit back and enjoy the incredible views. You'll wrap up the experience with a cup of tea, but not just any. A master tea-maker will teach you how to best enjoy Japanese tea with a lesson and tasting, so you can enjoy the traditional way. This exclusive tour combining nature and fine dining takes you on an unforgettable journey through Shizuoka's finest brews, from leaf to cup.
Tea picking experience (may be changed to a factory tour or another alternative in case of rain)
Guided 30-min hike and spiritual tour of Mt. Awagatake
Tea-themed specialty meal using local Shizuoka ingredients at Tenku no Chabatake Restaurant
Tea-making lesson with a tea expert
English or Chinese interpreter (see Options below)
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The meeting point will be Higashiyama Ippuku Dokoro, in Kakegawa, Shizuoka, about 45 minutes from the JR Kakegawa Station by local bus. More detailed information and a Google Maps link will be provided upon booking.
Please note that this experience is conducted in Japanese. If you’d like to hire an English or Chinese interpreter, please place your booking from the corresponding option in the options menu.
Please contact the host to inquire about the availability of this experience on other days (this tour is usually held on Mondays only).
Please note that the schedule is subject to change in case of rain, in which case the tea picking experience may be changed to a factory tour or another activity
Appropriate clothing and shoes for outdoor activities is recommended.
Cancellation Policy
Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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A coastal prefecture located in central Japan between Tokyo and Osaka, Shizuoka is home to Mount Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan), beaches and hot spring resort towns, and a thriving agriculture industry producing some of the most delicious and highly coveted produce in Japan.
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