Utsukushii Collection 39-year Vintage Set (500 Set Limited Edition)

Seller: Takumi Sosei
Producer: Asahikawa Shuzo
ID: 140
Indulge in the beauty of nostalgic aged sake from a curated collection of five breweries across Japan.
¥ 16,500
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Featuring five distinct vintages and tastes, each from a different brewery, the Beauty Collection invites you to raise a glass to your own beautiful memories. Imbued with the seasonality and characteristics of their regions, these aged sake will transport you through time and across Japan for a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. (1983 Iwanoi / Iwase brewery) 14% alcohol by volume. The brilliantly sweet scent of dried fruits and nuts, flavor of nuts, and marked, lingering acidity give the impression of a well rounded white wine. (1995 Aoitsuru / Inami brewery) 17% alcohol by volume. Carefully brewed junmai sake stored at a low temperature. Expresses a spreading overall sweetness and refreshing acidity and spice. (2000 Asashikawa / Asahikawa brewery) 19% alcohol by volume. Elegant sourness, banana, caramel, and oak all come through in the promement fragrance of this sake. It features plenty of sweetness and a refreshing plum aftertaste. (2001 Tenon / Kawajiri brewery) 20% alcohol by volume. With a scent like vanilla and matches, this sake conveys the flavor of chestnuts, banana, and sake rice through a great depth and fragrance. (2013 Tamagawa / Kinoshita brewery) 15% alcohol by volume. The spreading fragrance of a variety of spices is punctuated by the aroma of caramel and hazelnut. A notable sweetness contrasted by pleasant bitterness offers depth.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2200 gr
  • Product height: 7 cm
  • Product width: 20 cm
  • Product length: 42 cm
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Utsukushii Collection 39-year Vintage Set (500 Set Limited Edition) is produced in Yamagata prefecture.
Asahikawa Shuzo
Yamagata Prefecture
This brewery takes its name from the Asahi River, a tributary of the Mogami River in Yamagata Prefecture. It is said that the name Asahigawa Sake Brewery was derived from the uninterrupted flow of water, even during the summer drought season. Like its namesake, Asahigawa Brewery has continued to carry on its long history and traditions without interruption since year 5 of the Bunsei Era. The sake produced in its old-fashioned brewing facility takes a great deal of time and effort, but boasts a taste that can be only attributed to history preserved and passed down through the generations.