Ginjo Collection 29-year Vintage Set (500 Set Limited Edition)

Seller: Takumi Sosei
Producer: Minenoyuki Shuzojo
ID: 143
Enjoy ginjo sake in an all new way by experiencing new layers of flavor owed to the aging process. A classic high-quality sake experience with a twist only available here.
¥ 16,500
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The Ginjo collection features the best aged Ginjo sake from across Japan, spanning a distance from Fukushima to Ehime Prefecture. Aging introduces new layers and complexity to the gentle taste and aromas of ginjo sake. We invite you to enjoy the fruits of the master craftsmanship of these breweries. (2004 Minenoyuki / Mine no yuki brewery) 13% alcohol by volume. The mild sweetness of rice compliments a faint herbaceousness in this honey and apricot nosed sake. (2009 Maboroshi no taki / Mikunihare brewery) 18% alcohol by volume. Prominent sourness draws long into the fragrance of butter and banana, making this an especially elegant tasting sake with an impressive nuttiness. (1996 Ichinotani / Uno brewery) 17% alcohol by volume. Maintaining the beautiful quality of new sake, this bottle features aromas of caramel and ripened pears. (2007 Kitanosho / Funaki brewery) 17% alcohol by volume. Characterized by the spiciness of white pepper and the aroma of melon expressed through the aging process, this has a lovely elegant taste. (1993 Umenishiki / Umenishikiyamakawa Brewery) 17% alcohol by volume. A dry, swelling liquor reminiscent of sherry with notes of nuts and peach.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2240 gr
  • Product height: 7 cm
  • Product width: 21 cm
  • Product length: 41 cm
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Ginjo Collection 29-year Vintage Set (500 Set Limited Edition) is produced in Fukushima prefecture.
Minenoyuki Shuzojo
Fukushima Prefecture
This brewery is named after the haiku, "Shikata no hana keiun kanteri, mine no yuki" .
Mine, a word meaning summit, recalls the peaks of the Iide mountain range, from which it derives the limpid water used for sake brewing. The brewmaster, Aizu Toji, invites you to taste the snowy peaks of Mt.Iide through Minenoyuki's delicious proprietary sake.