Healthy Carrot and Tomato Juice Set

Seller: Tomiya
Producer: Daisen Sono LLC
ID: 73
A combination of apple, tomato, and carrot juices that are additive-free and kind to your body, made entirely in Akita prefecture.
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Straight from the farm to your cup, these healthy and delicious juices preserve the power of fresh fruits and veggies, locking in the vitamins and minerals from Akita’s apples, tomatoes, and carrots. Includes: Tomato juice 100% - 2 packs (150g x 2) Tomato juice 120% - 2 packs (150g x 2)       Tomato and apple mixed juice - 4 packs (150g x 4) Carrot juice - 2 packs (150g x 2) Mixed vegetable and fruit juice - 2 packs (150g x 2) About Carrot Juice This is a limited quantity carrot juice with no artificial coloring or additives. It is sweetened only with carrots, grown in Kazuno, Akita Prefecture, and has a subtly sweet, gentle taste, and a smooth texture. This juice can be used not only for drinking but also for cooking, as a substitute for carrot puree. About Mixed Vegetable and Fruit Juice A simple mixed juice made of carrots, tomatoes, and apples, the sweetness of each ingredient enhances the quality of the taste, making it smooth and easy to drink. About Tomato and Apple Mixed Juice Tomato and Apple Juice is made from tomatoes grown in Akita Prefecture, a mix of “natsu no shun” tomatoes and locally-grown “rinka” tomatoes. The addition of Akita-grown apples makes it delicious and drinkable, allowing you to enjoy the delicious combination of tomatoes and apples as if you were having dessert. About 100% Tomato Juice This straight tomato juice is produced during the harvest season from August to September. Everything, from harvesting to pressing to processing, happens in the shortest possible time to lock in the freshness; and the juice is frozen at -25℃ to provide the same great taste of the harvest season, all year round. About Concentrated 120% Tomato Juice This product is made by concentrating straight tomato juice to about 1.2 times its original volume, for more lycopene and a stronger flavor than straight juice.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2100 gr
  • Product height: 6 cm
  • Product width: 24 cm
  • Product length: 36 cm
Healthy Carrot and Tomato Juice Set is produced in Akita prefecture.
Daisen Sono LLC
Akita Prefecture
In Akita, the prefecture of Japan that’s renowned for high-quality rice production, Daisen Sono has established a cycle of open-air tomato cultivation and rice farming using mineral-rich rice paddies. Through their own cultivation and contract cultivation, they aim to create agricultural products in cooperation with the community of local farmers. Daisen Sono grows and processes agricultural products using advanced technology, which is rare in Akita Prefecture, and supports the health and vitality of their customers with their original products.