Soft Egg Somen Instant Noodles - 6 pcs.

Seller: Tomiya
Producer: Kamuro no Megumi Co.
ID: 62
An original product of Kirari Miya, this is an instant noodle like no other: light, healthy, and nourishing.
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The noodles slide down your throat smoothly, the soup is fragrant with green onion, and the egg gently binds everything together–fluffy bits of yellow egg floating atop the white somen noodles, like an egg custard. Ingredients include domestic wheat, Hinai Jidori soup made from Akita chicken, domestic dried leeks, and domestic eggs. A health-conscious product, this instant somen is made with 40 grams of somen noodles, so it doesn’t leave you feeling heavy; and their texture is akin to freshly-boiled somen, thanks to a special manufacturing process. These cups of hot somen noodles are for everyone from the elderly to children; a perfect anytime snack. Kirari Miya also consciously chooses to use paper cups that are environmentally friendly, limited use of plastic. Name: Instant Noodle Contents: 72.8g x 6 (40g x 6) Ingredients: Noodles–Wheat flour, salt, edible vegetable oil, antioxidant (V.E.) Soup–Soy sauce (Honjozo), sugar, salt, rice fermentation seasoning, chicken broth, yeast extract, alcohol Topping–Kakitama block (chicken eggs, lactose, syrup, starch), dried green onion
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 760 gr
  • Product height: 10 cm
  • Product width: 39 cm
  • Product length: 30 cm
Soft Egg Somen Instant Noodles - 6 pcs. is produced in Akita prefecture.
Kamuro no Megumi Co.
Akita Prefecture
Established in 2013, Kamuro no Megumi is engaged in the production and sales of dried and instant noodles that allow you to enjoy authentic hand-pulled somen noodles with the simple addition of hot water. Kamuro no Megumi is located in Yuzawa City, in the southernmost part of Akita Prefecture.