Kyoto Tea Farm Tour, Tasting, and Lunch in Scenic Wazuka

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Experience Details
Experience Location
4 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 12 guests
Japanese, English
Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, With green tea, Regional food, With lunch
Come and lose yourself in the maze-like terraced tea fields of Wazuka, declared a Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture, during this tea farm tour and tasting.
Tour the tea fields of Wazuka and survey the land from scenic viewpoints
Visit the tea factory and learn about tea production
Enjoy a lunch of “cha soba” (green tea soba noodles)
Join a tasting with 9 different types of tea and learn how to brew the perfect cup
Try Japanese tea sweets
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Experience Details
Wazuka-cho, a tea town with a population of about 3,600 people, produces nearly half of the tea made in Kyoto Prefecture. During this guided tea farm tour, you can visit the beautiful tea fields that have been recognized as a Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture, and learn about Japanese tea-growing techniques, tea processing methods, and traditional tea culture. This tea tour includes several tastings, so guests can try a total of 9 different types of locally-grown Japanese teas and discover their new favorite beverage. After visiting the tea farm and learning about the ideal growing conditions for tea farming, you will tour the tea factory and learn about each step the tea leaves undergo after harvesting the leaves. At the factory, which produces needle-shaped tea unique to Japanese sencha, visitors will get to see the machinery that rolls and dries the tea leaves. At lunchtime, visitors will learn that tea is not just for drinking! Delicious buckwheat soba will be served, but these are not your ordinary noodles. Made with tea, these “cha soba” noodles are a beautiful green color. Following lunch is a tea tasting, which will introduce a few varieties of Japanese tea. Guests will also learn how to brew delicious tea, changing the flavor by adjusting the extraction temperature during a hands-on experience. Wazuka-cho is the world’s best producer of matcha in Japan, so visitors will be able to experience the finest matcha in the world. The folks at Kyoto Obubu Tea Farm love to share their passion for Japanese tea with visitors from abroad. In fact, they have hosted over 100 interns from all over the world since 2012. Tea is a labor-intensive product and one that they take deep pride in. An essential component of Japanese culture that appears in the elaborate tea ceremony, kaiseki cuisine, and on the kitchen table, Japanese tea is enjoyed by people nationwide. Visitors will come to appreciate Japanese tea and the farmers behind this iconic Japanese beverage.
Kyoto tea farm and factory tour
Japanese traditional lunch
Kyoto tea tasting of 9 types of tea (matcha, gyokuro, etc.)
Japanese sweets
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
This experience is about 2 hours from Kyoto Station by train and bus. From Kamo Station, take the bus no. 66 and get off at Higashiwazuka. Address: Otsuka-2 Sono, Wazuka, Soraku District, Kyoto 619-1201
Please be on time for this tea farm experience
Cancellation Policy
Cancel your booking at least 2 days before the experience start time to receive a full refund minus a 3.2% transaction fee.
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The town of Wazuka has been one of Kyoto’s major producers of Uji tea for over 800 years, responsible for half of the tea produced in the prefecture. Known for its gorgeous tea plantations, well-pruned rows of tea shrubs forming neat terraces, the town is registered as a Scenic Property of Kyoto Prefecture and is among one of Japan’s most beautiful villages.
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