Luxurious Kobe Beef Teppanyaki Course Meal in Kobe

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Experience Details
Experience Location
2 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 4 guests
Stroller Accessible, Family-friendly
Japanese, English
With dinner
Dine at a specialty teppanyaki restaurant in Kobe serving up the most succulent Kobe beef available.
Sit at the coveted counter seats, for an impressive teppanyaki show
Taste high-end Kobe beef in Kobe
Enjoy 3 different types of Kobe beef: roast beef, loin, and fillet
Multi-course menu that features domestic and seasonal ingredients
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 7 meals
Experience Details
*When your group size is more than 5 people, please contact us! From the counter seat at steak restaurant En, watch the chef at work as he tends to the ripping hot iron griddle and masterfully prepares marbled slabs of succulent Kobe beef and fresh lobster. A truly luxurious culinary experience in Japan, indulge in Japanese wagyu beef right at the source. You might think of marbling an indicator of high-quality wagyu beef, but not all fatty beef is equally delicious. The quality of the fat and meat is vital to that perfect melt-in-the-mouth experience. To ensure the highest quality, En sources their wagyu beef from Nakanishi Ranch, a renowned producer of award-winning Kobe beef. The founder of Nakanishi Ranch, Kimiyoshi Nakanishi, has been recognized by the Kobe Beef Co-Op Association and has received numerous awards, such as a bronze statue from the Kinki Tokai Beef Association. As the chef at En has a strong relationship with the wagyu farm, you are ensured some of the most high-end and sumptuous Kobe beef that money can buy. The multi-course meal at En includes seasonal soup and salad, grilled vegetables, specialty Kobe beef steaks (80 grams of loin and 80 grams of fillet), lobster teppanyaki, garlic rice, ice cream, and coffee. The dishes utilize the most exceptional locally-sourced ingredients such as onions from Awaji Island, which have a higher sugar content than the average onion, mild flavor, and lovely fragrance. En is a gem of Kobe, with an elegant atmosphere that makes it suitable for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and dates. Menu: -Appetizer: Kobe beef roast beef -Seasonal soup -Seasonal salad -6 types of grilled vegetables (sprouts, onions, tofu steak, konnyaku, 2 kinds of seasonal vegetables) -Specialty Kobe beef steak: loin 80g and fillet 80g -Lobster teppanyaki (with American-style sauce) -Garlic rice -Ice Cream -Coffee
Course menu (dishes listed above)
Counter seats at the teppanyaki
Transportation to/from the restaurant
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
The restaurant is a 6-minute walk from Motomachi Station
Please be on time for the dining experience
Please note that there is limited counter seat availability (18 counter seats total)
Experience Location
The capital of Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe is a vibrant port city that is located along the Osaka Bay. While it is of course famous for Kobe beef, Kobe also offers other local delights like Chinese street food and is home to Kobe Chinatown and a thriving sake scene. Other attractions include Mt. Rokko for nature-lovers and hikers, Arima Onsen hot springs for some relaxation, and the entertainment district Kobe Harborland on the waterfront.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 7 meals