7-Year Aged Daigin Ice Coffee

Seller: Tomiya
Producer: Sanyo Coffee
ID: 63
Pour it over high-quality rock ice and savor it slowly; this coffee has a brown sugar-like fragrance and sweetness that lasts until the very last drop.
¥ 2,900
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This is a 7-year-old nel drip iced coffee from Jubora in Yamagata Prefecture, made from 100% organic coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico. The raw beans have been aged for 7 to 10 years in a rice warehouse, taking advantage of Yamagata's natural climate. What’s the secret to this delicious coffee? It all starts with premium-quality beans. Aged carefully over several years, the maturation process gives the beans a sweeter flavor. Next, the special slow roasting technique brings out the fruity acidity and richness inherent in the beans. Finally, the astringent skins of the beans are removed during roasting, and they are ground into a fine powder from which a delicious coffee can be extracted with the nel drip method.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 1200 gr
  • Product height: 31 cm
  • Product width: 8 cm
  • Product length: 8 cm
7-Year Aged Daigin Ice Coffee is produced in Yamagata prefecture.
Sanyo Coffee
Yamagata Prefecture
Open the door to Sanyo Coffee, and you’ll receive a soft greeting: the scent of the coffee wafting and ushering you into a clear white space. In spring, summer, autumn, and winter; on sunny days, rainy days, active days, and all days in between, the coffee remains unchanged. Sanyo uses carefully-selected beans that are matured in the aging room for three to five years and roasted slowly with a Diedrich roaster to bring out the individual aroma of the beans. Connecting with each of your five senses, enjoy the tranquility of a cup of Sanyo coffee.