Grand Polaire Japanese Wine Set - Sapporo Yoichi Zweigeltrebe with 3 Types of Pickles

Seller: Tomiya
Producer: Sapporo Beer
ID: 76
A vivid ruby red color, elegant and gentle aroma, and light tannins give this Japanese wine a striking appearance and refreshing mouthfeel.
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This set includes a bottle of Sapporo Grand Polaire's premium Japanese wine and 3 snacks in a bottle. Sapporo Yoichi Zweigeltrebe 720ml Shirakami Sanchi Garlic Pickles Akita Myoga Pickles (Ume Jiso Flavor) Yuzawa Warabi and Kelp Pickled in Soy Sauce Nurtured by the nature of Yoichi, which has a climate similar to Germany's famous winemaking regions, Zweigeltrebe is a representative grape variety for red wine produced in Hokkaido. The grapes are carefully grown by contract growers in Yoichi, who remove the leaves around the grapes and expose them to full sunlight in order to improve the coloring of the skins. Grand Polaire makes wines from grapes grown in the Japanese climates of Hokkaido, Nagano, Yamanashi, and Okayama, bringing out the individuality of the grapes and producing delicate and well-balanced flavors. The vineyards of Yoichi, Hokkaido are located on a richly undulating slope overlooking the Sea of Japan. Grape variety: Zweigeltrebe grapes, a representative grape variety produced in Yoichi, Hokkaido. Wine: Red, medium-bodied    Best drinking temperature: Room temperature Food Recommendations: Low-fat meat dishes, Genghis Khan (“jingisukan” BBQ), roast duck Characteristics: Elegant and gentle aroma and light tannins for a refreshing mouthfeel. Shirakami Sanchi Garlic Pickles This original Tomiya Shoten combines garlic from the Shirakami Sanchi mountain range with innovative transparent soy sauce that has been trending over the past couple of years. Enjoy it as-is, chop it up and top salads and pasta with it, or use the juice to season grilled fish. These pickles are as versatile as they are delicious! Akita Myoga Pickles (Ume Jiso Flavor) Using myoga (Japanese ginger) from Akita Prefecture, and ume (Japanese plum) and shiso (perilla) as seasoning, these refreshing pickles can be chopped up and used as condiments or worked into salad dressings. Yuzawa Warabi and Kelp Pickled in Soy Sauce Made with warabi (bracken) from Akita Prefecture, Hokkaido kelp, and soy sauce from Ishimago Shoten, a brewer in Yuzawa, these pickles make for a tasty savory side dish.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2450 gr
  • Product height: 9 cm
  • Product width: 34 cm
  • Product length: 22 cm
Grand Polaire Japanese Wine Set - Sapporo Yoichi Zweigeltrebe with 3 Types of Pickles is produced in Hokkaido prefecture.
Sapporo Beer
Hokkaido Prefecture
Sapporo Beer is Japan’s oldest beer brand. Its adventurous founder, Seibei Nakagawa, left Japan at the age of 17 and became Japan’s first German-trained brewer. After returning to his home country in 1976, he established Sapporo Beer. In 1964, sales of Sapporo beer began in the United States, and today, it is the top-selling Asian beer brand in the U.S.