Inaniwa Udon and Sake Set (Junmai Ginjo Reiwa)

Seller: Tomiya
Producer: Akita Brewery
ID: 71
This luxurious set features Inaniwa udon (one of the three most famous udon varieties in Japan, and a notable specialty of Akita prefecture) and a junmai ginjo sake that celebrates the Reiwa era.
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Inaniwa Udon 200g x 3 Junmai Ginjo "Reiwa" 720ml Reiwa is a Junmai Ginjo that was first sold as a private brand product of Tomiya Shoten in May of the first year of Reiwa (2019). It was released as a celebration of the beginning of a new era, and as an expression of happy feelings. Junmai Ginjo "Reiwa" has a good balance of umami and acidity, and is a sake that goes well with all kinds of dishes. The taste is even more pronounced when served cold.  Rice: 55% polished rice Alcohol content: 15.5° Sake degree: +2.5                     Inaniwa udon is a specialty of Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, which has a history dating back 400 years, when it was given as an offering to the feudal lord of the Inaniwa area. Today, the noodles are still highly prized, and are considered the most expensive and high-quality udon in Japan, having also been regularly delivered to the Imperial household. Tomiya Shoten has been planning and selling original Inaniwa udon since the late Showa period, and their product has been well-received by customers for its firmness and smoothness.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2400 gr
  • Product height: 9 cm
  • Product width: 34 cm
  • Product length: 22 cm
Inaniwa Udon and Sake Set (Junmai Ginjo Reiwa) is produced in Akita prefecture.
Akita Brewery
Akita Prefecture
Akita Brewery was established in Yuzawa City, considered the most suitable place for sake brewing due to the availability of high-quality rice, abundant water, and optimal climate. In 1922, a group of major sake brewers, political and financial figures, and other volunteers gathered in Akita prefecture to promote the mellow and deep taste of Akita's sake throughout the country. There, in Yuzawa City, Akita Brewery was formed.