Microwaveable “Mochihikari” Rice for Japanese Ohagi (140 grams)

Producer: Koyanagi Farm
ID: 210
100% microwaveable “mochihikari” rice for Japanese ohagi
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Made from 100% “Mochihikari” rice from Nagano Prefecture, this is a specially cultivated glutinous rice designed with a unique texture specifically for making Japanese “ohagi” (sweet rice balls). Retaining the gorgeous flavor of Mochihikari, this variety of rice is extremely easy-to-eat and versatile, offering a wide range of culinary options that can be prepared in a matter of minutes. The preparation on this rice is extremely simple; just cook it for 2 minutes at 500 watts or boil it for about 15. Not only was this gorgeous rice made to retain its flavor beautifully, it was also designed with safety in mind; after receiving feedback from their customers that they were concerned about the sticky rice getting stuck in their throats, Koyanagi Farm cultivated their special ohagi rice to go down smooth. With a true love for the craft of traditional rice and traditional Japanese foods, their goal is to make ohagi available to people from all over the world, any time of year. While it’s commonly enjoyed by people of all ages in Japan, ohagi isn’t just a delicious treat. Traditionally enjoyed during the spring and autumn equinoxes, “ohagi” (as it’s referred to in the fall) or “botamochi” (as its referred to in the spring) take their names from the flowers “hagi” (“bush clover” in English) and “botan” (peony in English), and are an important component of these Buddhist holidays. But the best part of this local delight is its simplicity; because it’s easy to cook in small amounts, it’s extremely easy to use this rice to make ohagi at home. Simply throw the rice in the microwave, and pound it into the shape of a ball. Then coat it with your favorite toppings. A few time-tested favorites include anko (red bean paste), kinako (soy bean flour) and kuromitsu (brown sugar).
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 140 gr
  • Product height: 4 cm
  • Product width: 16 cm
  • Product length: 15 cm
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Microwaveable “Mochihikari” Rice for Japanese Ohagi (140 grams) is produced in Nagano prefecture.
Koyanagi Farm
Nagano Prefecture
Koyanagi Farm is an independent rice producer based out of the beautiful, mountainous prefecture of Nagano, an area with a farming history dating back thousands of years. Their goal is simple; to contribute to their local community by growing quality rice that brings a smile to people’s faces. Their products have been served and enjoyed all over Japan, and they would be honored if they were enjoyed in your household as well.
Koyanagi Farm strives to make the most of the rich local soil and environment that Nagano is blessed with. Thanks to its temperate climate and high altitude, this region is an ideal place for farming, growing some of the best vegetables, fruits and other crops in the country.
Along with their outstanding (and nationally recognized) rice, Koyanagi Farm also produces a number of other rice-based products; the company is particularly well-known for their mochi (rice cakes).