Premium Imperial Rice

Producer: Koyanagi Farm
ID: 208
Rice fit for royalty; grown with the highest quality domestic fertilizer and presented to the Imperial House of Japan in 2012!
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Made with only the highest quality ingredients and farming practices, this rice is truly special. Koyanagi Farm has the distinction of being one of the few growers in Japan to present their product not only to the people of Japan, but the Imperial House in the 2012 “Niiname-no-Matsuri” harvest festival. The ceremony is one of the most important in the country and takes place every November, with the emperor giving thanks to the gods for the bountiful harvest and praying for a productive new year. Koyanagi Farm works tirelessly to select only organic fertilizers that work in harmony with the land. They believe in the importance of timing, and they make sure to plant at just the right time to maximize the power of their rice. This is no easy task; because of the difficulty of producing rice of this quality, grain yield and the removal of foreign matter are of the highest importance, and the quantity they can grow is extremely limited. All of their rice is clearly marked according to the rice field it was harvested from. It’s the “ultimate rice”, with a strong sweetness, just the right amount of stickiness, and a gorgeous, lingering taste. But while this rice was originally grown for royalty, now you can own a bag as well. Because this rice is so special, so exclusive and grown with such care and attention, it truly is a fantastic gift for a loved one. It’s also a phenomenal choice for a number of Japanese dishes, and is a highly versatile variety. When cooked to a firm consistency, the distinctive stickiness makes it ideal for dishes like temakizushi (hand-rolled sushi) and sasazushi (sushi with bamboo leaves). It’s also a standout choice for other options like oyakudon (Japanese rice bowl) and unadon (rice and grilled eel).
Dietary Restrictions
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2000 gr
  • Product height: 5 cm
  • Product width: 29 cm
  • Product length: 20 cm
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Premium Imperial Rice is produced in Nagano prefecture.
Koyanagi Farm
Nagano Prefecture
Koyanagi Farm is an independent rice producer based out of the beautiful, mountainous prefecture of Nagano, an area with a farming history dating back thousands of years. Their goal is simple; to contribute to their local community by growing quality rice that brings a smile to people’s faces. Their products have been served and enjoyed all over Japan, and they would be honored if they were enjoyed in your household as well.
Koyanagi Farm strives to make the most of the rich local soil and environment that Nagano is blessed with. Thanks to its temperate climate and high altitude, this region is an ideal place for farming, growing some of the best vegetables, fruits and other crops in the country.
Along with their outstanding (and nationally recognized) rice, Koyanagi Farm also produces a number of other rice-based products; the company is particularly well-known for their mochi (rice cakes).