Ryozeki Junmai Daiginjo “Setsugetsuka” 720ml with Snack Set

Seller: Tomiya
Producer: Ryozeki Brewery
ID: 66
A prestigious award-winning junmai daiginjo sake is paired with three types of pickles in this Japanese sake set.
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Winner of the highest gold medal at the IWSC, the world's most prestigious international sake competition, and first prize in the National Sake Competition. This Junmai Daiginjo is brewed using Ryozeki's unique low-temperature, long-term brewing method, pursuing a delicate aroma and a smoother finish. Capacity: 720ml Rice: Akita Sake Komachi Rice polishing ratio: 40% Sake meter: -1.5 Acidity: 1.2 Alcohol content: 15° Shirakami Sanchi Garlic Pickles Using groundbreaking new transparent soy sauce and garlic from the Shirakami Sanchi mountain range area, Tomiya Shoten has created these delicious pickles. Enjoy the whole pickled garlic cloves, or chop them up and toss them into salad or pasta. The juice can also be drizzled over grilled fish or made into a dressing. Akita Myoga Pickles (Ume Jiso Flavor) A Tomiya Shoten original product, myoga (Japanese ginger) from Akita Prefecture is used to make these delicious pickles. A versatile ingredient, it can be chopped finely and used as a condiment, while the juice can enhance dressings and sauces. Yuzawa Warabi and Kelp in Soy Sauce Combining warabi (bracken) from Akita Prefecture, kelp from Hokkaido, and soy sauce from Ishimago Shoten in Yuzawa City, this refreshing snack can also be used as a condiment with rice or boiled vegetables.
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 2400 gr
  • Product height: 9 cm
  • Product width: 33 cm
  • Product length: 22 cm
Ryozeki Junmai Daiginjo “Setsugetsuka” 720ml with Snack Set is produced in Akita prefecture.
Ryozeki Brewery
Akita Prefecture
Akita, the prefecture known as the “land of rice and sake”, is a kingdom of nihonshu, with many famous breweries in Akita Prefecture producing mellow, delicious sake. Ryozeki Brewery has won numerous awards throughout the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei eras. In more recent years, they’ve placed first in the Junmai category at the 2006 National Sake Competition for Ryozeki Yamahai Special Junmai Sake, and in 2006 Ryozeki Junmai Daiginjo Setsugetsuka won the Gold Award at the IWSC (excluding beer), the largest and most authoritative sake evaluation competition in Europe, held in the UK. IN 2007 Ryozeki Junmai Daiginjyo Setsugetsuka won the most prestigious Gold Award. Ryozeki's five breweries, from No. 1 to No. 5, were the first in Akita Prefecture to be designated as registered tangible cultural properties. The brewery has a commitment to producing high-quality nihonshu for both the development of the region, and for the harmony and joy of the people.