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Hontakiyama no Cafe

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Restaurant Details
Restaurant Location
Curry, Cafe / Bakery / Pastries / Desserts
Average cost
Lunch: ¥1000-1999 - Dinner: ¥1000-1999
Gluten-free, Vegetarian
Have a refreshing time at a temple cafe overlooking the stunning mountains as you enjoy their original yuba curry and fruity coffee.
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Restaurant Details
For a cafe experience where you can be immersed in nature and serenity, visit Hontakiyama no Cafe. This is located inside Hontaki Temple where you can overlook a glorious mountainous view and dine over the open sky out on the terrace. Their signature dish is their original curry, an authentic Yakuzen Yuba Curry. It’s a gluten-free spicy curry that contains lots of medicinal spices from China. It’s topped off with yuba, which is “tofu skin” that’s created by boiling soymilk. The rice is cooked with Uji green tea from Kyoto and features a deep flavor that goes well with the curry. They also have a special coffee and delicious cake. For the cake, they have a roll cake whose shape is a bit reminiscent of the Harley-Davidson, since the owner of the cafe is a motorcycle enthusiast. Hontakiyama no Cafe is open from 9 in the morning. It’s a power spot-like cafe where you will definitely have a wonderful time. Come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and their special dishes.
Reservations not available; walk-ins only.
Hontakiyama No Cafe Phone Number
Business Hours
Sunday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Monday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Saturday: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Hontakiyama No Cafe Address
718 Nomanaka, Nose, Toyono District, Osaka 563-0132, Japan
Restaurant location
Osaka Prefecture is the birthplace of Kansai-style okonomiyaki and many classic Japanese street foods. Centered around Osaka (the prefectural capital), the clash of trade, traditions, and modern technologies contributes to the dynamic energy of this prefecture overlooking Osaka Bay.
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Reservations not available; walk-ins only.