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Abalone and Sea Urchin Donburi at Specialty Restaurant
¥ 3,795
 per guest
¥ 3,795
per guest
ID 296

Abalone and Sea Urchin Donburi at Specialty Restaurant

Taste a delicious abalone and sea urchin donburi at an abalone specialty restaurant in Saga Prefecture.
1 hour
Minimum of 1 guest
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Founded over 70 years ago, the folks at Uomata specialize in abalone, a type of mollusk or sea snail, dishes. Located in Saga Prefecture’s Karatsu City, just a 50-minute drive from Fukuoka City, the restaurant makes use of the fertile waters of the Genkai Sea, a source of high-quality abalone (called “awabi” in Japanese). As the abalone must be individually hand-harvested by divers, and take up to 5 years to reach their full size, abalone are quite a delicacy. They are also revered as an auspicious dish in Asia. The owner of Uomata has a deep appreciation for abalone cuisine and his restaurant has a variety of dishes that showcase the coveted mollusk. His philosophy is to make abalone accessible to all by providing it at reasonable prices, though he certainly does not compromise on flavor. For the abalone and sea urchin donburi, the fresh abalone is sliced into long pieces and boiled in its juices, while the raw uni (sea urchin) is also sourced from the Genkai Sea, and has a gentle sweet flavor. The dish comes with a side of miso soup and Japanese pickles. The simplicity of the presentation allows you to taste the pure essence of the abalone and uni, and appreciate the subtle flavors of the high-end seafood.
Enjoy a local dining experience in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
Visit a Japanese restaurant specializing in abalone from the Genkai Sea
Taste a delicious donburi featuring abalone and uni (sea urchin)
Abalone and sea urchin donburi
Pickles and miso soup
Transportation to/from the restaurant
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
The nearest station is JR Hamasaki Station (Chikuhi Line). It is a 9-minute walk to the restaurant. From Fukuoka City, the restaurant is a 50-minute drive.
Please be on time for the dining experience
Experience Location:
A tiny city along the seaside of Saga Prefecture, Karatsu City offers glimpses of glorious nature like the rushing Mikaeri Falls and Nanatsugama limestone caves that jut into emerald waters. Visit the Yobuko Fish Market in the early hours of the day for seafood that’s fresh off the boat and local snacks and souvenirs. Then, hop over to Karatsu Castle whose famous winged rooftops tower over the city, overlooking the Karatsu Bay. One of the biggest events in Karatsu is Karatsu Kunichi festival of hikiyama floats, which are lavishly decorated.
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