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Craziest Ramen in Tokyo Ramen Hopping Adventure
¥ 4,430
 per guest
¥ 4,430
per guest
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Craziest Ramen in Tokyo Ramen Hopping Adventure

Think you know ramen? Think again! Join this ramen hopping adventure for the CRAZIEST ramen in Tokyo like matcha (green tea) ramen and a new type of ramen (mixing ramen)!
2 hours
Minimum of 1 guest
Japanese - English - Spanish
Instant booking
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On this Tokyo ramen tour, we will visit 2 of our favorite creative ramen shops making the craziest ramen in Tokyo! We’ve selected these restaurants from over 500 ramen shops to guarantee that we choose the most delicious and unique ramen in Tokyo! We’ll also visit some fantastic photo spots and landmarks along the way, showing you the famous highlights of Shinjuku in addition to the foodie hidden gems that are unknown to tourists. Usually, at ramen shops, we need to order one bowl of ramen per person. But, just for this ramen tour, our guests can get special half-size bowls of these CRAZY ramen styles, so we can save room for even more ramen! Nowadays, people all over the world can enjoy ramen without leaving their countries. But for a taste of authentic Japanese ramen, you should definitely come to Japan. That doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed delicious ramen wherever you go, though. Even in Tokyo, there are many ramen shops that are just so-so, in comparison to the small number of truly special hidden gems. So, if you want to eat some next-level ramen, join us at two of our favorite spots! Whatever you think you know about ramen, leave it behind, because these creative restaurants will totally change the way you view ramen! Feel free to ask us about our favorite ramen shops and secret menus, so you can leave the tour feeling inspired to try more unique styles of Japanese ramen!
Tasting 2 of Tokyo's CRAZIEST ramen that you can't find anywhere else in the world!
Visit recommended spots in Shinjuku (guide will assist you with taking photos).
This tour is not just about ramen hopping. We'll also explore Shinjuku, giving you insights into the local culture and realities of Japan.
Let's enjoy the "REAL" Japan and delve beyond the tourist spots to discover the true beauty of Tokyo!
Ramen at the first location
Ramen at the second location
2 souvenirs: 1 hidden souvenir (we hope you can enjoy Japanese food even after returning to your country) and 1 unique Japanese ramen set
Photography during the tour
Local guide to show you around the city of Shinjuku
Meeting Point and Meeting Time:
We will meet at the Shinjuku Tourist Information Center. Please search for this address (新宿観光案内所) in Google Maps. I will stand up between the tourist information center and smoking area.
Please tell us if there is anything you can not eat (such as beef) in the notes section of the checkout page
Please let us know if you require Spanish in the notes section of the checkout page
Experience Location:
The multifaceted economic hub of Tokyo, Shinjuku is a hub for business, shopping, and entertainment. Adorned with skyscrapers, Shinjuku is also a major transportation center and is considered the busiest railway station in the world. With hundreds of shops, restaurants, and bars, Shinjuku is always lively, day or night. It’s also home to the Golden District, which consists of the tiny bars in the Golden Gai, the intimate local drinking holes in Omoide Yokocho, and the razzle-dazzle of Shinjuku’s red light district, Kabukicho.
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