Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tour in Tokyo

Hosted by Frank
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Experience Details
Experience Location
1.5 hours
Number of Guests
1 - 10 guests
Gluten-free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Near station
Taste 2 mini bowls of Hokkaido-style ramen and 2 mini bowls of fusion ramen during this vegan food tour in Tokyo!
Enjoy 4 delicious bowls of gluten free and vegan ramen in Tokyo
Stroll around the ever popular Shibuya
Learn all about Hokkaido's mighty place in the ramen world
Taste fusion ramen in Tokyo
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 20 meals
Experience Details
For wheatless and plant-based ramen, join Tokyo's only gluten-free and Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tour! Guests get to enjoy 4 different bowls of delicious ramen and learn all about this magical dish from a local expert. Frank, a ramen enthusiast who was raised in Tokyo, averages about 300-400 bowls per year. He’s the most knowledgeable guide to introduce the Tokyo ramen scene, as well as being friendly with many of the local ramen shop staff. The Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tour in Tokyo starts at a Shibuya ramen restaurant specializing in Hokkaido ramen. Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, is best known as the country’s "Ramen Kingdom,” and for good reason. Hokkaido’s capital, Sapporo is the birthplace of miso ramen, which is normally topped with sweet corn, bean sprouts, ground pork, and even a pat of butter! This is just one of the styles of ramen you’ll get to try on this tour, and you’ll have the option of ordering a version that’s entirely vegan and gluten-free! Here you’ll choose two mini bowls from four available styles of Hokkaido ramen, including miso (from Sapporo), shoyu (from Asahikawa), and a light shio salt broth (representing Hakodate). In addition to learning about a regional style of ramen, guests will also get a chance to taste a more modern variety of vegetarian ramen during the ramen tour. At the second ramen shop, you’ll enjoy two mini bowls of fusion ramen, with creative flavors that will open your mind to different possibilities for Japan’s beloved noodle soup. For each bowl, you can choose either a vegan or non-vegan broth and gluten-free or wheat noodles, so this tour is suitable for both non-vegan and vegan participants. Come find out about ramen culture in Tokyo and beyond during this Vegan / Vegetarian Ramen Tour, learning about Hokkaido’s place in ramen history and the unique contemporary styles that are breaking onto the Tokyo ramen scene!
4 mini vegan ramen bowls
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
Please meet in front of the Green Train, across from Hachiko Statue (Shibuya Station, Hachiko Exit)
Please wear comfortable shoes, as we'll be walking around Shibuya a little bit
Experience Location
Shibuya’s commercial area is a fashionista haven, home to department stores, boutiques, and entertainment. Shibuya’s most famous meeting point is Hachiko Statue. And you can’t miss the Shibuya Crossing. For two minutes at a time, the world’s most intense pedestrian crossing comes to life. A popular street photography spot, the crossing is symbolic of Tokyo, featured in films like Lost in Translation and Tokyo Drift. Another point of interest is Bunkamura which literally means “culture village,” consisting of concert halls, a theater, a cinema, and a museum that features changing exhibits.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 20 meals