Gagome Dashi Ponzu Sauce 200ml

Seller: Ishokudougen
Producer: Ishokudougen
ID: 397
Kombu kelp, dashi, and ponzu flavors come together in this decadent sauce that complements a variety of dishes.
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The secret of the sauce's deep umami flavor is the use of kelp as an ingredient. The mild bonito dashi and the Hokkaido soy sauce also help to enhance the taste of the sauce. It is a refreshing addition to salads, tofu, nabe (hot pot), fried foods, and meat dishes. It can be sprinkled on white rice or rice balls, used as seasoning for pasta and yakisoba noodles, or mixed with sesame oil and use as a dressing.
Dietary Restrictions
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 200 gr
  • Product height: 19 cm
  • Product width: 5 cm
  • Product length: 5 cm
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Gagome Dashi Ponzu Sauce 200ml is produced in Hokkaido prefecture.
Hokkaido Prefecture
Ishoku Dougen makes products from the precious kelp that only grows in the sea around Hakodate and along the coast of Muroran City in Hokkaido. The kelp is characterized by its stickiness and is rich in fucoidan and marine collagen. To make it easy to incorporate into your daily diet, Ishoku Dougen offers food products such as chopped kelp and grated kelp, dashi ponzu (vinegar), and salt. We also offer a set of handmade Matsumaezuke pickles.