Wood-Cask Aged Soy Sauce 100ml

Producer: Yugeta Shoyu
ID: 103
There are countless uses for this versatile and highly recommended soy sauce.
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Wood-barrel aged and produced from domestically raised soybeans and wheat, this is the perfect craft soy sauce for beginners and seasoned gourmets alike. The brewers highly recommend this bottle for those looking for a soy sauce that can be used as a kake-shoyu or for use in cooking. This versatility is thanks to a carefully conducted brewing and heating process, leading to a soy sauce that adds saltiness to dishes without lingering on the tongue. Feel free to use this soy sauce to your liking to explore a variety of Japanese cuisines!
Dietary Restrictions
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Pescetarian
Common Allergens
  • Wheat
  • Soybeans
Technical Details
  • Product weight: 250 gr
  • Product height: 15 cm
  • Product width: 5 cm
  • Product length: 5 cm
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Wood-Cask Aged Soy Sauce 100ml is produced in Saitama prefecture.
Yugeta Shoyu
Saitama Prefecture
As a company with over 200 years of history, Yugeta shoyu has upheld its philosophy of "don the haori of a merchant" since its founding by a farmer-turned-brewer four generations ago. After nurturing an interest in beginning a soy sauce and miso-producing business, the founder was able to acquire the full facilities and staff of an existing brewing in Saitama, thus establishing his brewing with the intent of creating soy sauce that expresses the flavor of Japan.

The current generation's head, Yoichi Yumiketa explains, "As a food product, shoyu must be brewed to offer peace of mind. As a seasoning, it is meaningless if it is not delicious.