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Chuukasoba Chigonoki

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Restaurant Details
Restaurant Location
Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub) / Bar
Average cost
Lunch: ¥999 - Dinner: ¥999
Indulge in noodle bowls filled with innovative broth mixes.
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Restaurant Details
Choose your bowl of exquisite ramen from the vending machine that doubles as a menu at Chuukasoba Chigonoki. This ramen shop is famous for two things: pure niboshi soba and back fat boiled soba. The pure niboshi soba is unique to this ramen-ya. Chuukasoba Chigonoki uses up to 120g of niboshi just for one bowl — it's a rarity to use such a quantity, and even rarer to find such a dish priced so affordably. The use of only niboshi and nothing else brings a unique kind of shimmer and pureness to the soup without having the fishy aftertaste you might expect. The most famous dish, the back fat boiled soba, is made of the upper part of the roast pork. The fatty bit is infused in the soup, giving it a rich and flavorful texture. To complement the thick soup, thicker noodles are used for this dish. Chuukasoba Chigonoki offers both extremes on the spectrum of ramen broths, from light and clear to thick and flavorful. To top it all off, they also offer a range of delicious appetizers and sides which are every bit as good as these famous noodle soup bowls.
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Chuukasoba Chigonoki Phone Number
Business Hours
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Monday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM - 03:00 PM, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
Chuukasoba Chigonoki Address
1-5-3 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku City, Tokyo, 161-0034, Japan
Restaurant location
Spreading as far as Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama, the mega-metropolis of the Greater Tokyo Area functions as the country’s futuristic capital, featuring the latest in art, technologies, food, and pockets of every subculture imaginable.
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