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Restaurant Details
Restaurant Location
Izakaya (Japanese Style Pub) / Bar
Average cost
Dinner: ¥3,000-3,999
An izakaya which channels the laid-back spirit of Okinawa through fantastic authentic dishes and the islands’ favorite alcohols.
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Restaurant Details
Had enough of the big city? Then escape to Okinawa at a regional izakaya gastropub with laid-back beach shack vibes. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the surfboard sign outside. On the other side of the doors, they serve up authentic Okinawan cuisine using ingredients sourced straight from the islands. This includes authentic umibudo — ocean grapes: a bizarre but beautiful variety of seaweed which looks like long clusters of little green glass beads. Also worth a try is the fried bitter melon and tofu, or the generous heaps of pork belly (a staple meat on the Okinawan islands for centuries)! These are the everyday dishes of a unique island culture, totally distinct from the rest of Japan. Why not discover these unique flavors for yourself!?
Reservations not available.
Unjami Phone Number
Business Hours
Sunday: 04:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 05:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Wednesday: 05:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Thursday: 05:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Friday: 05:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Saturday: 04:00 PM - 11:30 PM
Unjami Address
5-55-1 Nakano, Nakano City, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan
Restaurant location
Spreading as far as Kanagawa, Chiba, and Saitama, the mega-metropolis of the Greater Tokyo Area functions as the country’s futuristic capital, featuring the latest in art, technologies, food, and pockets of every subculture imaginable.
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