Osaka Events in November 2019

By Valeria Morati
Updated: August 16, 2022

Osaka in November pleasantly surprises visitors with pretty mild temperatures and some lingering sunny days before transitioning to wintery cold. Right from the beginning of the month stepping into early December, the area is home to awe-inspiring natural beauty: it’s the peak time for momiji or koyo, the phenomenon of leaves changing their color, shifting to the autumnal palette. 

With the backdrop of such an enchanting view, you can enjoy a variety of diverse Osaka events in November, from traditional festivals to full-flavor food events, and some unique Japan-only experiences. Munch on some autumn-themed snacks while wandering through Osaka Expo Park, a renowned autumn leaf-viewing spot, explore the lively city and its surroundings, and get an early start on the Christmas festivities! Make sure to not miss out on these fall Osaka events in November.

Osaka Events in November 2019

Here are some fantastic events in Osaka in November!

  1. Lune De Chocolate
  2. Tori no Ichi Festival at Otori Taisha
  3. Pokémon Cafe, Shield and Sword Limited Edition Menu
  4. Mori-chan’s Ramen Festa 2019
  5. German Christmas Market
  6. Daikon Festival 
  7. Kyuanji’s Momiji Festival

1. Lune De Chocolate

Poster for the Lune de Chocolate Hyatt Regency Osaka chocolate buffet

Who can resist some chocolate-based sweets during the chillier months? Osaka in November is lit up with myriads of illumination shows all over the city and some special events designed to make you feel all cozy and taken care of. Among these, you can find Lune de Chocolate, a refined buffet event held in the lobby lounge of Hyatt Regency Hotel in Osaka.

During this chocolatey adventure, you will discover that the intense flavor of dark chocolate can be used to balance out different fragrancies. It is employed with mastery in whiskey-dipped brownies, orange-scented sweets, cakes combined with passion fruit cream and other goodies. These come served with black tea or coffee and a deep red and auburn view, thanks to the lounge’s window walls. A tantalizing menu of takeaway cakes is also available.

Dates: October 5 - December 22, 2019

Time: 12 pm - 4 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays only

Price: 4,500 yen (4,200 yen for online reservations)

Location: Hyatt Regency Osaka


2. Tori no Ichi Festival at Otori Taisha

A building of Ootori Taisha Shrine in Osaka

While summer in Japan features festivals galore, Osaka in November also offers its fair share of traditional events. Tori no Ichi Festival is held on the “days of the rooster” which, according to the Japanese zodiac calendar, falls on November 8th and 20th this year and takes place at numerous shrines. Izuminokuni Ichinomiya Otori Taisha is particularly renowned in the area for this type of festival.

Bamboo rakes covered in lucky symbols are bought by businessmen and later displayed at workplaces for good luck. They are generously packed with different figures, such as white cranes, maneki neko (lucky cats), golden coins, bright-red carps, and more. Buzzing among the stalls, visitors enjoy the gay atmosphere, eating some of the delicious, piping-hot Japanese street food.

Dates: November 8, 20, 2019

Time: 10:00 am - 5 pm

Price: Free

Location: Izuminokuni Ichinomiya Otori Taisha


3. Pokémon Cafe, Shield and Sword Limited Edition Menu

Several Pokemon-themed foods from the Pokemon Cafe, such as Pikachu-shaped omurice and Pikachu latte

Fans will be delighted to know a pokemon-themed culinary experience is also listed among Osaka events in November. For the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch, set on November 15th, Pokémon Cafe Osaka offers a dedicated menu. In keeping with Japan’s undisputed love for irresistible cuteness and arranging adorable bento lunch boxes, pancakes and rice are shaped as the starter pokémon.

There is plenty to be excited about besides the special menu, which includes pokémon-themed desserts, drinks, and savory dishes. Prepare to have your favorite pokémon designed on creamy cafe latte’s foam or to be served dessert in a poké ball. And next to the cafe is a Pokemon Center with fun merchandise! There is more than enough to bring joy to children’s faces and some nostalgic tears into grown-up fans’ eyes.

Note that due to its popularity, reservations are requested.

Dates: November 15, 2019 - January 17, 2020

Time: 10 am - 9:30 pm (last order at 8:50 pm)  

Price: Free entrance

Location: Daimaru Shinbaiashi 


4. Mori-chan’s Ramen Festa 2019

Yellow poster for Mori-chan's Ramen Festa 2019 with a cute cartoon character man wearing big glasses, over the words "Ramen Festa 2019" in Japanese

One of Japan’s most famous and beloved comfort food, ramen, will fill your belly with satisfaction and help you fight colder days. One of the must-go Osaka events in November takes place over two different sets of dates, each featuring ten food stalls for a total of twenty lip-smacking ramen variations. Located just a stone's throw away from Osaka Castle, Mori-chan’s Ramen Festa is a great excuse to visit the famous Osaka landmark and enjoy viewing the autumn leaves.

This festival satisfy both ramen connoisseurs and beginners’ tastes, thanks to its variegated and extravagant offerings ranging from Chinese-style ramen to Kyoto or Nagoya-style dishes; soy sauce-flavored black ramen; and bowls topped with beef, pork, chicken slices, juicy clams, and more. 

Dates: November 15-17 and 22-24, 2019

Time: 11 am - 8 pm on Fridays, 10 am - 7 pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Price: 900 yen (per bowl)

Location: JR Osakajo Koen Station 


5. German Christmas Market

An aerial shot of the German Christmas Market in Osaka, with a large sparkling Christmas tree and crowds rushing below

Christmas enthusiasts visiting Osaka in November can still get their fix of holiday cheer! Get excited about the glittering Christmas tree, reindeer-shaped illuminations, sugar-coated sweets, Christmas wreaths, and mistletoe kisses; there’s no need to miss out on the Christmas festivities! Osaka in November is studded with whimsical illumination shows aplenty and sprinkled with Christmas market’s stalls.

German hot wine, sausages, and pretzels, beer, caramelized hazelnuts, and sweet fritters... Fill your belly and your soul with delicious joy while living the confusing but astonishing experience of Western-style Christmas markets in Japan.

For a more traditional market experience in Osaka, check out the Osaka Kuromon Market and Kitchen Town Tour!

Dates: November 15 - December 25, 2019

Time: 12 pm- 9 pm Monday to Thursday, 12 pm- 10 pm on Fridays, 11 am - 10 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays 

Price: Free entrance

Location: Umeda Sky Building Plaza, ground floor


6. Daikon Festival 

Several daikon that are wrapped

Shotengai are roofed commercial streets where crowds of Japanese love to mingle, shop, and spend their time, tasting the cheap yet delicious local sweets and snacks. The Daikon Festival is held at one such shopping street, Shōtendori commercial district, and celebrates the daikon, a mild-flavored, white radish. It is a small scale, almost intimate event, meant for locals. The Daikon Festival was born from the collaboration of a volunteer group with the nearby temple, where daikon are blessed for all types of purposes: safety in the household, marital happiness, safe childbirth, you name it!

The amount of simmered, tender, and soy-flavored daikon is limited so you might want to hurry to secure yourself a slice. The event includes kids’ flea market, a street dance performance, and green tea! Eateries in the district offer special daikon-based menus as well for the occasion. Not an especially sophisticated or grand cultural experience, come to the Daikon Festival for a very local and unique fall afternoon of exploring Osaka in November.

Dates: November 16, 2019

Time: 2 pm - 4 pm

Price: Free

Location: Shōtendouri Shotengai 


7. Kyuanji’s Momiji Festival

A red shrine surrounded by yellow and red autumn leaves for the Momiji Festival

Long known as one of Japan’s dearest symbols, ruby-red maple tree leaves get the spotlight during autumn leaf viewings. Escape the hustle and bustle at this hidden gem, about an hour from Osaka City by public transportation, and enjoy the view.

The Buddhist temple was first founded in the 8th century and is known as “flower temple” thanks to the charming hydrangea blooms that embellish the buildings during the spring season. Steeped among lush hills and hosting a Japanese-style garden, in November the temple provides visitors with a spectacular panorama of yellow and crimson autumn leaves. 

This momiji-dedicated festival is held on the third Sunday of the month in conjunction with a prayer ceremony. An iconic delicacy, mochi rice cakes will be distributed during the event to visitors, making the trip a well-rounded experience.

Dates: November 17, 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 4 pm

Price: 300 yen (entrance fee)

Location: Kyuanji Temple 


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