From sizzling street food to all-you-can-eat restaurants, discover the best of Kansai cuisine and the city’s wildest attractions by taking a deep dive into this Osaka travel blog with articles about festivals and events, Osaka’s laid-back culture, unique food experiences, and more.

The capital of Kansai and Japan’s absolute foodie heaven, Osaka is proud to be colloquially crowned as “Japan’s Kitchen” for its flavorful dishes of unique Japanese cuisine. This culinary city has a creative approach to Japanese food with some of the best sushi, ramen, and Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan. When it comes to regional Kansai cuisine, our ultimate foodie’s guide for What to Eat in Osaka will easily have you hankering for some of Osaka’s heartiest dishes! Keep reading more from our Osaka travel blog for all the latest foodie news and events, with regular monthly updates about upcoming festivals and unique activities or things to do in Osaka.

Plan your trip with tips from our Osaka food blog, covering the city’s best food markets and the best spots for where to catch the Osaka cherry blossoms during springtime. If you are planning a trip to Osaka, check out our articles on the best cooking classes in Osaka or the best food tours in Osaka and discover what it's like to add a unique food experience to your itinerary. Learn all about unique local restaurants, cafes, and bars, plus handy travel tips that will make you feel just like an Osaka local.

Read about the best restaurants in Osaka for slabs of okonomiyaki pancakes, or the best street food stalls where you can taste bite-sized takoyaki balls filled with fresh octopus pieces! From the best local izakayas in the city to underground all-you-can-eat restaurants, if you want to learn about exciting cultural activities and dining experiences, be sure to check out articles from our Osaka travel blog.

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