"Blue Zone” Okinawan Home Cooking Class

Hosted by Junko
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Experience Details
Experience Location
5 hours
Number of Guests
3 - 4 guests
Vegan, Vegetarian, Regional food
Learn from a certified master of traditional Ryukyu cuisine, Ms. Hiromi Nerome, at her home in the sleepy village of Nakijin, accompanied by Junko, an award-winning English-speaking tour guide.
Learn from a master of traditional Okinawan cuisine, Ms. Hiromi Nerome, and an award-winning tour guide, Junko
Find out what makes Okinawan cuisine so unique, contributing to the longevity of local people
Make authentic Okinawan recipes from scratch
Explore a local spot with Junko before/after the class
For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 14 meals
Experience Details
Okinawa, the southernmost island prefecture of Japan, was a kingdom separate from Japan for 450 years, known as Ryukyu until 1879. Today, this beautiful island is gaining recognition as one of five “Blue Zones,” rare longevity hotspots on earth where people live particularly long lives. Influenced by surrounding countries along with its subtropical climate, Okinawa has developed a unique food culture that’s distinct from that of mainland Japan. Let's find out what they eat and how they live their daily lives, making them some of the world’s leaders in longevity. Okinawan dishes are characterized by their use of locally-grown, seasonal produce that’s high in nutrients. Your teacher for this Okinawan cooking class will vary the menu, taking seasonality into account. She is flexible and willing to accommodate your needs with advance notice of dietary restrictions. Note that pork often features in Okinawan dishes, so those of you who wish to avoid pork are recommended to select the 3rd course menu below, which can be modified for vegans and vegetarians. Select one of 3 menus: 1. Traditional Ryukyu Cuisine Minudaru (ミヌダル): Steamed pork loin coated with black sesame paste. Gunbo Machi/Gobo Maki (グンボーマチ / ゴボウマキ): Burdock rolled up in thinly sliced pork or kelp. Ura Chikichinuku (ウラチキチヌク): Shiitake mushroom stuffed with fish paste. Tauchiicho (タウチーチョー): Deep-fried sweets stuffed with sesame seeds & candied citrus paste. 2. Okinawan Home Cooking Tofu/Goya/Somin Champuru (トーフ/ゴーヤ/ソーミン(ソーメン)チャンプルー): Okinawan stir-fry dish with pork and vegetables. Jyushii (ジューシー): Rice dish with diced pork, shiitake mushroom, carrots. Green Papaya Irichii (アオパパイヤ イリチー): Shredded papaya with pork braised in soy sauce & dashi. Sata Andagi (サーターアンダギー): Okinawan donuts. 3. Okinawan Noodles (Vegetarian/vegan available) Handmade Okinawan noodles topped with braised pork belly or ribs. For vegetarians/vegans, yushi tofu and sides will be prepared.
Cooking lesson fee
Bilingual local guide
Lunch (after the lesson)
Tea or water
Supplementary fee for ingredients (min. 1,000 yen ~ max. 1,500 yen)
Additional food, drink and admissions if any
Meeting Point and Meeting Time
If you take an express bus service, Yanbaru Express Bus, from Naha airport or downtown Naha, get off at Nakijin Village Office bus stop. Meeting point is across from the bus stop.
Transportation – It is essential to have your own vehicle due to lack of reliable public transportation. Chartered taxi is reasonable in Okinawa and can be arranged through local guide, Junko.
Please tell us the menu of your choice in the notes section of the checkout page.
Experience Location
A cluster of islands to the south of Japan once belonging to the independent state of the Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawa Prefecture is the holiday paradise with white sand beaches, a tropical climate, and healthy local cuisine known as Ryukyu Ryori.
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For each guest that attends this experience, byFood will donate
10 meals
Host will donate 14 meals